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Memoriam to Frank Packlick

frailty, cats purred, Simon’s Rock, tree bark

etching by Frank Packlick

etching by Frank Packlick

drawing by Frank Packlick

drawing by Frank Packlick

To the Tune of “I’d Like to Teach the world to sing…”

I’d like to sing a tune to Frank and polka happily;
His faithfulness could strum the base; his heels tap vig’rously.
He’d grin and twinkle, nodding sage, and snatch a memory
To fly like kite on wind of cheer: another friend and tear.

His cats observed his frailty grown,
They purred in spite of pain;
Exchanging comfort everyday
Became their daily gain.

We watched him swim, pretend to drown,
At Simon’s Rock each week;
Observed his art, its careful line,
His love of detailed twist
On cat fur, tree bark, wood frame, all
His rolling, rhythmic gist!

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