Heal away Addiction…


Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Today is a special message, one that many people need to hear: you are more than your addiction. It may seem like your entire life, or even just part of your life, revolves around some form of addiction, but your angels are telling you that this isn’t for you. At the back of your head, you may be having thoughts that urge you to stop these bad habits, but you seem unable to.
Keep in mind that not all addictions look alike! Some can be obvious, but there are many quiet ways addictions express themselves. From compulsive shopping, to romantic obssessions, to eating unhealthy or too much food, to gambling online or offline, to jumping from one bad relationship to another, to self-destructive behaviors like drugs or alcohol getting out of hand, to self-harm.
These can all be addictive acts that are draining you and taking away from your life. Your angels are telling you that you are ready to kick these habits!
How to get started with recovery?
The best place to start, as with anything, is the beginning. What is it that you’re addicted to? Name it, say it out loud, make it the focal point of your thoughts, because you can only fight this once you admit what it is.
Your angels are telling you to put aside your denial, fear, and pain and be honest with yourself. Today you are going to hand over the strings that bind you to this addiction.
You’re going to start down the path to recovery, and your angels are going to help you do it. Let go of any shame and despair you have associated with this addiction and hand it all over to your angels.
Your faith will set you free.
The next step is faith and surrender. When you put your trust in your angels and the Divine you are admitting that you can’t do this alone and are asking for and accepting divine guidance for your recovery. You must have faith, both in yourself that you can do this, and in your angels, who will be beside you the entire way.
Surrender your fears and addictions and hand it all over to the Divine. Let your spirit feel the freedom that will soon be yours as you release pain, shame, and guilt.
Believe that you deserve recovery too.
You may not feel it just yet, but your angels are assuring you that you are deserving of recovery. You deserve to have your life back. Your happiness, your time, your health: you are worthy of all of these.
But what about those dark thoughts and self-destructive affirmations? Every negative emotion can be transformed when you hand it over to your angels. Release self-hate and hand it over to your angels to purify and turn into self-love.
Release your shame and allow it to become will-power to fight back against the cravings and bad habits you’ve formed. No more berating yourself about your addiction, no more telling yourself that you deserve this.
Your angels are beside you, whispering words of healing in your ear, you just have to listen for them. When you start to feel that familiar despair well up in you, instead of turning to your addiction, turn to your angels and ask for guidance in your recovery. You don’t have to do any of this alone.
You are strong. You can do this. And when it feels like you can’t, remember that your angels are right beside you, helping you to cope. Every time you feel a craving coming on, ask your angels to help it pass. When you feel that you can’t resist any longer, ask your angels to fill the gap in your life with self-love and peace.
You are worthy and you are not alone, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your angels and the Divine!

God’s messages come like the dawn…

double solar halofrom Milwakee

The Writer’s Almanac for Thursday, March 4, 2021

It was a quiet way

by Emily Dickinson

It was a quiet way—

He asked if I was his—

I made no answer of the Tongue

But answer of the Eyes—

And then He bore me on

Before this mortal noise

With swiftness, as of Chariots

And distance, as of Wheels.

This World did drop away

As Acres from the feet

Of one that leaneth from Balloon

Upon an Ether street.

The Gulf behind was not,

The Continents were new—

Eternity it was before

Eternity was due.

No Seasons were to us—

It was not Night nor Morn—

But Sunrise stopped upon the place

And fastened it in Dawn.

“It was a quiet way” by Emily Dickinson.

Public domain.

Hi Jeanne,

Archangel Haniel’s Message For You Today:

“I hear every time you ask for help and I respond. Remember that the help that comes might not be what you asked for but the help always comes in the form that’s for your highest good. You may feel you need something specific in order to achieve happiness but I ask you to have faith that you are always given what you need. If you feel lack right now, try to embrace what is available to you. What is meant to be yours is always there for you, just like I am.”

Your Angel Number For Today:

7 – Today’s number supports you as you continue on your path of spiritual development. Your spiritual wisdom grows when you begin to see that you are always cared for by the divine. Having trust in how your life is unfolding allows you to embrace the mystery of your faith.

Action Steps:
Write down what you ask your guardian angel for each day. Go back over your writings and notice what you’ve received in response to your requests. You’ll see a pattern of things always working out in the best possible way for you.

Affirmation Of The Day:

“As I ask my guardian angel for help in more ways than one, I release my idea of how it should be done.”

A Full Moon Reading for the Lunar Aquarius:


Lunar Aquarius
Instead of looking at your Star/Zodiac Sign, this Lunar Horoscope reveals the guidance of your Aquarius Moon Sign. Not your Moon Sign? Click here.
This week, Lunar Aquarius, your mind is buzzing with questions. As one of the most introspective and curious of the Moon Signs, you are often someone who always questions your surroundings. Your connection to otherworldly realms, even different states of consciousness has always meant that you are more questioning than your peers. This week, that energy seems to be in overdrive. There is a situation or event in your life that has confused you, the right way forward doesn’t seem to be so clear. You have been going back and forth over which choice to make. But whatever it is that you don’t fully understand, know that soon the answer will reveal itself.

There is another important astrological event this week: a sensitive Full Moon in Virgo shines on February 27th bringing with it a feeling of wholeness and safety, and allowing us to tap into the quieter wisdom so connected to this sign. This moon is incredibly grounding, helping us to get in touch with ourselves, both on a physical and spiritual level. As we have finished working with last months intensely Aquarian energy, which is very intellectual and word based, now it is time for you to connect with the Virgo energy of the Goddess. 

This energy is tied to the rhythms of the land and connects between our spiritual and physical identity. It is sensitive and healing, but also connected to our sense of faith and intuition. You may find yourself reflecting more this week, or re-engaging with your spiritual, religious or faith-based dimensions which make up an important aspect of who you are. There is a slow, deliberateness to this lunation. As if it knows that it’s potent energy will do the work of healing and introspection whether or not you are ready to accept it.

This moon is also very fertile, indicating that your creativity will be enhanced during this time. It is critical that you take this opportunity to explore any creative impulses that bubble to the service. Feel this creativity flow through your body, connect with it and in nature. Spending time outside, especially in the forest will be extra potent for you. 

As we move into Pisces season this Full Moon is opposing a Pisces Sun creating a Pisces-Virgo axis that is one of the most energetically powerful axises you can work with. This moon really wants you to look deep within, to find that quieter wisdom. One connected to thought rather than word. It is a deeper knower, one that challenges us in ways we don’t realize until we have experienced it. Understand where you are now, what experiences in the last year have defined you and spurred growth, and allow yourself to heal from that as you look to the future.
Your Birth Numbers Reading:

7_iconjeanne, this critical message is brought to you by The Number Seven!
And you should listen to it because it’s as unexpected as every other satisfying opportunity you’ve encountered in your life so far.
All the wisdom you hide inside needs to be released, jeanne.
I know it is more comfortable to stay in your own zone of genius. 
It is safe to keep the lane.
But it only takes you on the same path you’ve walked before.
And you know, jeanne, you are ready for change.
Not only that, but you’ve been craving it.
Those who love you have already noticed this shift in your behavior.
Yes, they’re used to your reclusive, mysterious nature, but it seems they’ve rallied against you with their frequent “Hey, are you okay?” questions.
They’ve noticed you closing in, and even though they are willing to push through to get to you, they’re only able to get so far until they get fed up.
So, jeanne, take action today!
Use the spiritual vibrations imprinted in Number Seven by Neptune, its ruling planet, and release yourself from the cocoon you’ve been transforming in the past months!
Just like a caterpillar, you’ve used this period for inner growth and metamorphosis, and it’s now time to spread your wings and let the world behold and drink in your beauty!
The world awaits your beautiful transformation, jeanne, and you are ready to shine!

archetype: teacher

Jeanne Poland-Quick Silver Calligraphy

in 2005 the lights came to change illusion to illumination

like my mentor, my calling changed from medical intuitive to healer:

Entering the castle by Caroline Myss
“I believe that the divine is everywhere and exists within even the most intimate details of our lives. All that we experience today has its purpose in tomorrow’s events; sometimes, the purpose is not evident for years of tomorrows. Yet, God prepares you for your spiritual journey, no matter how complicated, painful, or demanding it might become. For this reason, patience, trust, and faith must become constants for you; you cannot, and indeed you must not, even attempt to believe you know what is best for you. The divine will reveal its plan for you; you have to be open to receive it.

 It takes great courage to get to know your soul. This is because, once you do come to know it-and engage its power and live according to its authority-the divine itself will come to call. Once you are conscious of your soul, you are likely to be ‘called.’ Facing that call also requires courage because it can take you to both intensely light and intensely dark places.”

~ Caroline Myss

life or death


I choose one for you when I choose one for me

I am never alone.


here I am in Damascus

where 3 of we doctors were killed by a suicide bomber 2 weeks ago.

For one, the only remaining piece left was his ID label.

I have been ordered by the UN to remain here for 4 more months because of the pandemic.

My 11 year old son needs me.I am all he has.

More than anything, after 20 years in the US Army, I want to be with my family, safe.

My faith tells me I am not alone with the hatred.

I believe in The power of God’s Spirit to protect me and you.

Please pray for me.

Know and support me emotionally, please.

my essentials


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


my essentials:


nutrition, rest, exercise, writing and illustration…


laundry, kitchen counters, shopping, doctor’s appointments…


turn calendar pages, clean refrigerator, replace batteries, garbage bags, maintain car…


taxes, health plans, end of life issues…


smiles, assistance, faith, pain, joy, vigor, vibration, energy…

The Road Ahead…


photo with iPhone by Don on I-90 from Massachusetts to Hudson, NY


The clouds see thousands

of generations’ faith- our

ancestors chosen

for God’s protection

Gifts of the Holy Spirit








discerning spirits

gift of tongues

interpretation of tongues

Fruits of the Spirit

charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long- suffering, mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity

In the Shadows

In the shadows lies the depth

In the shadows lies the depth

There is enough light in faith for believers and enough shadows to blind those who don’t. Blase Pascal

radiant light
deep shadows
truth & mystery

Gifts of the Spirit

edible flowers

edible flowers

Gifts of the Spirit


slaves or free
we all drink of one spirit.


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