Dirty Laundry


art by Julie Rowan Zoch


Dirty Laundry

throws out
Trump’s dirty laundry
at our feet.

washes it out
with comments.

walls it from

prohibit it
from adding
to the Apocalypse.

God’s power
is deeper
than the media
dried in the sun.

I am You


English translation from Jeasbe Guriett Singh

Hindi poem posted by Rama Dixit on Facebook: August 11, 2017


Ya meri talaash ka jurm hai…

Ya meri wafa ka kasoor hai …

Jo dil ke jitney karib hai …

Woh nazar se utna hi dur hai .


And one lazy morning sitting by my pillow ‘she’ said:

“One day in your wildest dreams~
You fantasized hiding somewhere inside me…
Always around, but never really visible…
not even to you
Well, your dream came true…~!!~
now, let the world seek….as much as it can”

Now……..Where do I seek  myself ??
I have become the ‘Thee’ !


(This phenomena transversed the globe between NY and India through the power of Facebook and my writer friends!)

Grander than Emoji


Everyone is a microcosm-

while art can push our subconscious “buttons” to merely emote

language (if intelligent) can encourage us to go beyond the stroking of “self” and


to work on something together for the sake of

grander things

than personal gratification, amusement or entertainment.

written by Zelda Weiss in Russian on facebook

translated by Google translate

edited by Jeanne

Who is Mark Zukerberg?


It’s the birthday of the man who said, “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

 That’s Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

A precocious student, Zuckerberg began writing software in middle school after his father taught him BASIC programming. He wrote dozens of programs in high school including Synapse, a music player that got the attention of AOL and Microsoft, both of whom tried to recruit him.

Instead he enrolled in Harvard in 2002 where he founded Facebook when he was 19 years old.

He has pledged to leave 99 percent of his Facebook shares to charity.

He said: “Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected.”

A Children’s Illustrator’s Christmas


illustrated by Walter Koessler

I like best the critter on the mantel with the crooked smile. Walter says he’s a crook! His German is translated for me on Facebook, where I enjoy illustrators from across the world each day in the studio.

Definition #136 (Jeanne from Queens#8) Touch

Jeanne and Quenby  1992

Jeanne and Quenby

stay in touch: facebook

facetime, face to face, albums:

startling visuals!


science and circuits

science and circuits

I blink
Off road
Sitting on the shoulder.

Facebook waves.
My friends and family wink in video
Art shows
Snow days
Comments, likes, and links.

Try to choose
A video.
Mac-book wants to upgrade Flash.
Firefox wants to upgrade next.
Mac-book wants me to help the download to an app on my hard drive.
I choose Adobe Go Live.
Get a delete button.
I’m thrown out of the turning lane!

Too much information!
I leave the room.
Wander off.
Turn away from the super power
super cables
mobile devices

Watch the rain.
Count puddles.
Ocean waves.

Become a grain of sand
Minerals in action.

Observer of the universe.



First I lost a thousand links
Deleted my whole in-box.
Floated up to the top of a vast ocean.

Then Facebook came to surround me
With life preservers,
In the shape of graphics
Of Steve Jobs.

Spectacular memorials
Urging me to love
One byte at a time.

“Change the world”
He smiles.
“Stay foolish! Stay hungry!
No one can replace you.”

“Push the human race forward.”
Hold your MacBook on your heart
And sing a song of visions,
Piercing truths discovered,
Imaginings made flesh!

I floated safely home
To write this poem,
With Steve Jobs at my side
Part of my history.
His Macs, my tools for life.

Join me on these blogs
To comment and to find
The soothing lullabies
That bring you back to rest
Within a thousand links.

by Jeanne Poland

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