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Kristi asked for advice on how to stop breaking her wrist:

I shared:

dear Kristi

I have broken my wrist 3 x and now I’m 78 and not falling again.

I had to live with 2 fingers only and ended up using my elbows.

What I’ve done to have mobility:
1 had the podiatrist and Medicare fit me for molded shoes (fiberglass) and leather to allow maximum balance to every surface. Once a year prescription.

2 I purchased a Hurricane and use it every time there are steps with no railing. It gives me a fulcrum to stabilize.

3 When I stand from sitting or bed, I pause, and orient the direction toward which I’ll be setting out and then take the first step.

4 If I have to PIVOT, I do it in increments. This stabilizes my hip, knee, ankle, and foot surgeries.

5. I take calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement every night before bed.

6. I ride the recumbent stationary bike every day for 10 to 30 minutes and meditate.

7. I only speak to people face to face. Not from another room or opposite end of the house.

8 I breath deeply and focus to center myself all day long. My 40 year old son and daughter do the same. (They’re chips off the block!)

It is wonderful to share with you, kristi holl.

Love your blog,
Jeanne Poland

Definition #136 (Jeanne from Queens#8) Touch

Jeanne and Quenby  1992

Jeanne and Quenby

stay in touch: facebook

facetime, face to face, albums:

startling visuals!

I’m trying to reach you…


feeling for the portal
pat, pat, pat
are you in the wire?
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze
in the phone waves?
buzzz, buzzz, buzzz
stacked in the posts?
shuffle, shuffle, shuffle
waiting, face to face?
grimace, grimace, grimace
feeling my way to your preferences:

grab, grab, grab

Children Without TV #39 Quiet

Behold! Amazing Rendez-vous!

Behold! Amazing Rendez-vous!

soundless rendez-vous
manta-ray face to face/palm
to palm understanding!

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