Look at things from a different perspective and abundance will flow…


“It’s now time to review your plans for the future. Look at things from a different perspective and abundance will flow.”
Your Angel’s Message:
You’ve been trying hard, perhaps too hard, to create the abundance you need. It’s now time to be still and quiet. Look at your situation from a different angle. You may feel that you are currently “stuck” in life and that everything has come to a standstill. Don’t worry! This is only temporary. Make good use of this extra time to rethink your strategy.

It’s a good idea to look at your life from the outside now. Have you been blocking your own abundance by worrying too much about what could happen? Take time to embrace all that you hold dear in life. Ground yourself and be generous with others in terms of your gifts, time and attention. You need to exercise patience. Yes, you want to get things done. However, there are unexpected life changes happening all around you. Take the time to get used to these. Archangel Gabriel is now guiding you to act, speak and think from a place of love.
What You Should Do:
Your life is changing. You’re coming to new realizations. Embrace this time as an opportunity to be at peace within yourself.

Healing in the moment

Magdalena Arthen and Jacob50thWeddingAnn

Lena and Jacob @ their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday I encountered Tony, a friend I healed in July.

He was glowing, and filled with thanks.

Gave me hope for the next healing.


My loyal friends (Spirit Guides) show me new options.

I submit. Trust. Redeem the relationship. Exercise patience.

Celebrate the healing.

Every day the 200 year old crucifix from Germany and my Grandmother, guides me

Her verdant snake plant graces my living room.

I  acquiesce and care for these icons of Lena’s faith, devotion, and matriarchal tenderness;

take my place at the head of the tribe.

Only my roots are wild beneath the ground.

The buds are well cultivated in the sun.

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