Last night
Media came to visit

It tweeted of Robin Williams’ suicide.

Don showed me three of his “Mork and Mindy” TV Shows
while we wondered at his choice of costume, rigid body, alien gestures and definition of money:
“Money goes to the bank and meets other money:then together, they make more.”
I thought how light, lean and hopeful he looked. His ‘improv’ played my heart strings

I remembered the “World According to Garp”, about a family’s devotion to each other.

And all the Disney characters who brought heroism, larger than life, to my cartooning students.
Some of their animated gestures were taken from Robin’s mimes.

Then one day, he got serious.
About comedy.
About entertainment.
About money.
About family.
It was overwhelming.

He took his breath
set it free
in the spirit world.

The audience is quiet.
The curtain fell.
Now he is with us in NY
All the way from CA

We breathe for him.
Holding light, lean and hopeful
Just short of overwhelmed.

Music @ The Marriott Custom House in Boston

Colleen Marshall Tougas June 17, 2014

Colleen Marshall Tougas
June 17, 2014

There is entertainment in the Owner’s Bar and Lounge of the Marriott Custom House every eve at 8:30. Two nights ago we were spellbound by a Spanish guitarist: D’Raphael Gitano (bought 2 of his CD’s) and then last night were able to record Steven Higg’s on keyboard and the singing of Colleen Marshall Tougas.
They honored every audience request and even accompanied one of the owners who sang a Sinatra tune.
This is the only time-share in the city of Boston and it changed my life.

Pattern #51 Back to Our Roots

Four and one half feet between

Four and one half feet

Did you know “radical” can sometimes mean “return to your roots”?
For example, the distance between railroad tracks comes from horse driven carriages, Roman chariots and the distance between the horse’s behinds up front pulling the chariot!

So too, visits to Church do not provide entertainment pandering to instant gratification. As Jamison Teale reminded us this AM at Christ Church, a deep relationship with God involves the knocks, dents, and a patina of wear found in the repetition of a daily prayerful life. We’re bumping along, following the horse’s asses as they dutifully lead us clear of myths, grandiosity, and illusions of grandeur.

I’m Apt to Adapt

I’m apt to adapt
When slapped by an app
That raps and raves
Upon my brave behind:

An Incredible Video from Carol-Ann Hoyte

Carol-Ann is a poet-librarian from Montreal, Canada. Her school’s video is one of the best I’ve seen. Be enchanted!!!!


What causes deafness? or My First Rock Concert

My first rock concert:
“Michael Jackson: World Tour”

I was unaware.

Audience: rude
Show: delayed
Volume: blasting
Strobes: annihilating
Merchandising: junk
Access: chaotic
Staging: inter-cosmic
Scale: convulsive
Cirque du Soleil: assaulted

Jeanne Poland
All rights 4/8/2012

April 8, 2012 was my first time at a rock music show. The signs warned there would be pyrotechnics and strobes. But nothing told me my nervous system and ears would be exploded, jolted, and violently assaulted. At first I noted the blasting in my rib cage that shook all organs, forcibly banging my heart beat until it burned to nausea. Covering my ears was impossible as the inter-cosmic air to ground pumping rendered me ragged. I had to “leave my body” and the Colosseum to escape the brutal velocity. The strobe lights blinded all of us to the costumes, dancers, acrobats, sets, singers, and choreography. The flashing videos quaked the Colosseum and shook everyone  senseless. Brains flew. Focus shriveled.
Cirque was damned in a conflagration of flame and flare, flash and combustion.
It took six days to recover from the assault.
I hope the Cirque performers wore ear plugs.
That will be my last rock show, aka “cattle herded toward senseless branding”

Rock Music Terror be gone!

Then and Now

Quenby and Owen collaborate.


Oliver Smiles & Annika Frowns

Annika and Oliver Collaborate

Then and Now

Dimple smiles.
Forehead frowns.

Thirty years later…

Dimple smiles.
Forehead frowns.

All rights.
Jeanne 4/2012

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