sends me


in soul swipe



sets me down







snow power


illustration by Julie Rohan Zoch

what’s under the white snow?


when I see the snowflake design on the weather report

I freeze, breathless!

forget to consider it a blanket

keeping the roots intact

sheltering the fungus which converts soil to new life

and lets me view light

and all the colors of its rainbow:

energy for my soul!



illustrator: Jeanne


Sex Education
by Linda Pastan

           When a bee enters the plant’s electric field, a small electric
 charge develops …
            —Earth easy blog

I remember what happened the day we met.
Electricity, they call it, a spark
like the one that went from God’s finger
to Adam’s in the Sistine Chapel.
I always thought it was a metaphor,
but now I read that bees are led to pollen
by a flower’s electric force field,
not just by seductive reds and purples.
I remember how you looked at me,
how I looked back.
And spreading through my limbs
a sweetness, like honey.
“Sex Education” by Linda Pastan from Insomnia. © W. W. Norton 2015. Reprinted with permission


The Beatles are an energy field- penetrating us still!

Sixteen-year-old John started a band called the Quarrymen, and when they were playing at a church fundraiser, Paul McCartney heard them and came up to introduce himself. Soon, McCartney was part of the band, and the two teenagers started writing songs together. When John’s mother died in a car crash a year later, he and Paul McCartney became even closer, because Paul’s mother had died from cancer less than two years earlier.
In 1960, the group became the Silver Beatles, and soon, just the Beatles, but it wasn’t until 1962 that they ended up with the four band members who would become the band as we know them: Lennon, McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.
The Beatles became a sensation; “Beatlemania” swept across Europe and the United States.
When his son Sean was born in 1975, Lennon retired from public life and spent five years staying home with his family. In November of 1980, he and his wife, Yoko, released an album called Double Fantasy, gave interviews, and considered touring again. But on December 8th, he was shot outside his apartment by a 25-year-old man named Mark David Chapman. Chapman was obsessed with J.D. Salinger’s novel Catcher in the Rye, and claimed that he thought of himself as Holden Caulfield, and that this would explain his actions — although he later admitted that Holden Caulfield would probably not have shot someone.
A few days after her husband’s murder, Yoko Ono asked for 10 minutes of silence to honor him, and people all over the world observed the silence, including a crowd of more than 100,000 people in Central Park. The area of Central Park between 71st and 74th streets was designated “Strawberry Fields,” a green space and peace garden in memory of John Lennon.

my essentials


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


my essentials:


nutrition, rest, exercise, writing and illustration…


laundry, kitchen counters, shopping, doctor’s appointments…


turn calendar pages, clean refrigerator, replace batteries, garbage bags, maintain car…


taxes, health plans, end of life issues…


smiles, assistance, faith, pain, joy, vigor, vibration, energy…


SilverfallsState Park

Silver Falls State Park


energy moves-waves

its wings-washes mud to crystal

lasers light-shadows

A World of Teal


My sister-in-law in 2006

Meaning of The Color Teal.

  refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated,

energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness,

creativity, emotional balance, good luck,

spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy,

tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.

Everything you didn’t understand Made you what you are. Charles Simic in “Evening Talk” in The Book of Gods and Devils


art by Koessler


Everything you didn’t understand made you what you are:

the fantasy worlds in books

the giggles and harrumphs

the ticklish moments

the invisible friends

the angels in disguise

the foreign culture’s manifestations

the tongues and their languages

the scents that stuck to you

the energy that entered your cells

and transforms in spite of you

mystery to mystery

And so you step on

from dust to glory!



Grief is depression.
Depression is forgetting
and having no energy.
This is the state of my life.  
I can not get my act together.
I drove to the store to return some things to find out that I left the bag home with the things to be returned.  
Then, I have to tell myself to drive slowly and cautiously
because I am not in my right mind.


It’s a rainbow!
What you need is time.
What you have now is raindrops.
And sunshine=roygbiv

Definition: #103 Energy

A Hug in the Hall

A Hug in the Hall

HairDyepainted by Don

vibrate  energy:

rainbow hairs stand on end ’til

end converts to bliss!

January 23, 2015

Facetime with Owen, Annika and Oliver


If I could design my own planet, there would be this triumvirate of people.
Triangular energy would propel synergy round and round until it radiated throughout to kin and beyond. Rays to embrace the world and its rainbows of many colors.
The future is not the dark; but the golden hue of possibilities!


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