Melancholy by AlbertGyorgy

Sculpture by Albert  Gyotgy


If eyes are the windows of the soul-

this is what melancholy

of the soul looks like.








cartoon by Jeanne of Jeanne for Jeanne


finished being super-girl

running marathons

flying man child on my back

through catastrophes


finished being hyper

drained of energy

never safe, never whole,

empty, dark, alone.


finished being “go-to-girl”

“organizing force”

feed ‘m, clothe ‘m, bed ‘m, then

line  ‘m up to bathe.


finished being super-girl

running man-child’s needs!

man-up! grow up! fellow man!

come with love, engage!



Are you the river emptied into the bay?
Today be engorged by the rain.

Are you the pocket emptied by the drawers?
Today be stuffed with barter gems galore.

Are you devoid and destitute?
Today cling to sufficiency.

Are you exhausted, depleted, evacuated?
Today float up to the brim. Let the Spirit lavish you.

Are you abandoned, neglected by empty promises?
Today make plentiful ones.(to yourself)

Are you stripped of goals, ideals and notions?
Today find Ample. Have a picnic.

Are you the child without contents?
Today be jam-packed with hope: a promise of evolution!

Are you too old for discoveries?
Today find profuse extravagance. Breath in your inheritance.

Sept 2, 2012
Jeanne Poland

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