You’re successfully balancing a challenging situation now…


“Although there is a challenging situation around you now, you’re successfully balancing this! Well done!”
Your Angel’s Message:
The angels have sent you this card to congratulate you for getting through a difficult situation with grace. Perhaps this is something that you are still in the midst of. You are focusing on the positives. You won’t let this hiccup block your abundance. People around you will look at you with gratitude, approval and such respect. You will get through all life’s difficulties and challenges with the aid of the angelic realm. They hear your prayers for help and help is coming swiftly. Look out for signs from the angels. These could come in the form of dreams, songs on the radio, strange little coincidences and so on.

You are advised to remain calm and grounded. Be clear in all your communications in terms of what you are hoping to achieve. Visualise positive outcomes and these will come to fruition. Archangel Metatron can be called upon now to increase your energy and motivation. He’ll help you to take care of your priorities. You can manifest your dreams into reality. Other meanings of this card include the following: travel, transportation, a leap forwards, an award or promotion, willpower and self-discipline.
What You Should Do:
Remain grounded and calm. Focus clearly on what you’re trying to achieve. Your determination and self-control are at their peak!

Unblock the flow of abundance…


“You’ve been thinking negatively. This has blocked your flow of abundance.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Tomorrow’s card is the Nine of Air. It comes to you as a message from your angels to remind you that it’s essential for you to think positively right now. You’re over-thinking, over-worrying and effectively blocking any flows of abundance coming your way. You may be blaming others for your troubles or feeling jealous of people who have what you want. Know that it’s your own obsessive negative thoughts that are holding you back. It’s time now to release your fears and guilt and to understand that regret does not serve your Higher purpose.

Rid yourself of any unpleasant thoughts and dreams you may have just now. Commit these to paper. Bless these unhelpful thoughts. Release them to your angels. This card also carries some additional meanings: stress-related illness, inability to sleep well, expecting the worst, worry and self-fulfilling prophesies. If you’re suffering from any of the above, it might be time to have a chat with your doctor to help get your life back on track.
What You Should Do:
Turn your attention to the incredible possibilities the future holds for you. Leave the past firmly in its place.

finding your life path…


“Positive changes are occurring in your career path. You’re being led in a higher direction that better suits your life purpose.”
Your Angel’s Message:
This is a particularly exciting and auspicious card. It heralds a brand new and positive change in your career area. You are embarking on a path that brings you positive changes. These, in turn, will support your priorities, dreams and passions. You’re releasing the old to welcome in the new. The angels give you their everlasting support. Perhaps you’ve been feeling tired of your job. This card indicates that you no longer have to suffer. You’re headed towards something that’s aligned with your beliefs and hopes. 

It’s true that this change requires you to have faith. You need to trust in the process. However, this card comes as a reassurance that so long as you listen to your inner voice, you will always be supported in all that you do. You will reap the rewards you have hoped for for so very long! This of course has a knock-on positive on all areas of your life. You’ll feel happier, attract positive people and events into your life and will be successful!
What You Should Do:
The angelic realm is guiding your career choices now. Move forwards when you feel comfortable. There’s no need to push or rush the process. Things will happen for you as they should. Keep a quiet and considered mindset now so your Divine guidance comes through to you loud and clear! 
Your Affirmation:
“I am making good, ethical and positive career choices. I am reaching my higher purpose.”


shape shift with your dreams…


“Pay close attention to the dreams and ideas you’re currently having. These are direct communications from the angelic realm.”
Your Angel’s Message:
The angels urge you to pay attention to your dreams. These are your connection to your true self and are in line with your highest potential. The angels ask that you dream fearlessly and that you aim as high as you would like to. It doesn’t matter if what you’re hoping for seems unrealistic to your logical mind. Go for it and the angels will guide you towards what you need.

Dreaming gives us all a release for the humdrum of daily life. Perhaps this card has come as a message that you need to have a little more fun. When we dare to dream, we capture that childlike happy energy we once had when we were young. We feel happy and alive. We can create miracles!
What You Should Do:
The angels ask that you strengthen your connection to your higher self by allowing yourself to dream big. Enjoy these dreams and look confidently towards the most wonderful future!
Your Affirmation:
“I dream fearlessly and am eternally connected to my higher self.”



Blue Takes a Bow


Blue takes a bow in winter:

reflects the sky in snow below;

blue sings her frigid song


Jim Harrison said: “Life is sentimental. Why should I be cold and hard about it? That’s the main content. The biggest thing in people’s lives is their loves and dreams and visions, you know.”

dreams, reality and fantasy


illustrator: Marcin Piwowarski


dream with the moon and

grow up with the sun-spread the

light on real talents!


Donald Hall

born in Hamden, Connecticut (1928), who once said, “Every good poet in the world has written only a few terrific poems.”
At 89 years old, he longer writes poetry. “Not enough testosterone,” he says. Instead, he’s turned to prose: his last book is collection called Essays After Eighty (2014). Starting the book was simple. He said, “One day I looked out the window and began writing about being an old man looking out the window at the year going by.”
Hall was educated at Exeter, where he played softball with visiting poet Robert Frost, whom Hall remembers as “a spoiled brat,” even though Frost was 79 years old at the time. It was at Exeter that Donald Hall decided to become a writer. He’d been enamored of horror movies as a kid, which led him to reading Edgar Allan Poe, and trying to write like Poe, but at 14, he befriended some Yale students who kept mentioning a poet named T.S. Eliot. He says: “I saved up my allowance and bought the little blue, cloth-covered collected Eliot for two dollars and fifty cents and I was off. I decided that I would be a poet for the rest of my life and started by working at poems for an hour or two every day after school. I never stopped.”
Donald Hall’s books of poetry include Exiles and Marriages (1955), The Yellow Room (1971), Kicking the Leaves (1978), The One Day (1988), and Old and New Poems (1990). He’s a former U.S. poet laureate.


tick tock  click clock

tick-tock click clock

Introduced the “clock-man” to my 4 year old:
Little hand, big hand, forward move: one, two, three.
Time passes on the clock, on the calendar too
But touchstones stay the same for you and me.

Little hand, big hand, forward move: one, two, three.
Tick-tock, click-clock arrows speed to lead
Us to the dreams we paint: the hopes, the deeds.

Time passes on the clock; on the calendar too
Weeks, to months, to years, to lives…
Then on to memories worn on our hides, insides, tribes.

But touchstones stay the same for you and me.
The elders molt to spirits; the new reach for our care
Our nostrils scent the musk of need and nurture everywhere.

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