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Definition #151(Jeanne from Queens #23) Larger than Life

Jeanne makes a huge Raggety Annie for baby Quenby 1975

Jeanne makes a huge Raggety Annie for baby Quenby

Big dolls-big men-big

babies, beds, dramas, cars, hats,


Definition #133 NOW


Kavi in his box

Geneen Roth:
“but the truth was that sweetness and quiet and stillness weren’t as compelling as angst, drama and the chatter of discontent.
I mean, seriously: “now” just wasn’t sexy or appealing. It didn’t hold promises of splashy parades with cymbals and drums and opera singers thrashing about. The naked now, the one without frills, the one that was always here, just wasn’t as interesting as what could be. What should be. What I wanted to be. I was enthralled, as the Buddhist teacher Choygam Trungpa described it, with the process of “putting make-up on space.”

Finally, and this is going to sound a bit more linear than it actually was or is, love pierced the trance. I realized I wanted something more than I wanted to keep walking through the airports of my mind. I wanted to be here. For the purpling of sunsets and the clanking of dishes. For the soft way my husband’s hand feels in mine. I wanted to breathe when I breathed and eat when I ate. I wanted to live in and through my body, not my mind. And, not only did I realize I wanted that, I knew without a doubt that I already was that. Am that.

It’s not a done deal over here, however. The pull of my thoughts is still strong, but the love for this moment is stronger. The pull of drama still compels me, but the love for showing up where I am is bigger. Nothing can compete with the love of this life blazing in and through me, which, along with the depth of night-sky stillness, also includes outrageous laughter, salted chocolate and occasional swoops of sadness.

Every time I find myself wandering away, I bring myself back to what I love: to this very moment, these exact sensations, this coolness on the surface of my right arm, the sound of a single bird cheeping, the low thrum of the heater. I take one conscious breath and return to where the feast is: here. And when I do — when thoughts drop away and the one I refer to as “I” disappears — what remains is contentment itself. And it is enough.”

Then and Now

Quenby and Owen collaborate.


Oliver Smiles & Annika Frowns

Annika and Oliver Collaborate

Then and Now

Dimple smiles.
Forehead frowns.

Thirty years later…

Dimple smiles.
Forehead frowns.

All rights.
Jeanne 4/2012

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