good things are happening now and in the future…


Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue
Abundance is all around you.
Start by thinking of your affirmations. To continue in the money vein, perhaps you might think of something such as ‘I am worthy of prosperity’ or ‘I accept unexpected prosperity entering my life’.
Repeat these to yourself until it becomes a habit to think positively about your chosen area of abundance (and don’t be afraid to focus on multiple areas at once!). The more you resonate with your chosen area(s) the higher the degree of return you’ll see; the first step in doing this is by changing how you think.
The next step is to break the habit of speaking negatively about the abundance you’re seeking. Instead of complaining about the degree of broke you are, try repeating your affirmations. Say them out loud so that you can hear them in your own voice.
Today your angels want you to focus on manifesting abundance in the present. When you only think of good things happening in the future, that’s where they’ll stay: in the future. Your angels are asking you to be more mindful in your spirit, words, and actions as they assist you with reaching an abundance mindset.
But what is the abundance mindset?
At its most simple form, the abundance mindset is when you speak words of affirmation instead of doubt. Rather than complaining about your finances, for example, try expressing gratitude for what you do have. When you complain about money you are subconsciously blocking the flow of abundance from your angels.
It can be easy to fall into a pattern of negative words, thoughts, and emotions but your angels are here to remind you that you attract what you broadcast into the Universe and to what degree. Fretting and sweating about nightmare scenarios will attract that outcome to you, so be careful with what you say and think.
This also triggers your spirit to begin resonating on the frequency it needs to attract abundance. The Universe is listening so speak words of prosperity, love, and positivity to yourself.
When you’ve changed your thoughts and words, you will start to feel abundance surrounding you. Peace and happiness will flow through you. Optimism will be easier to attain. Your angels are preparing you to receive abundance and, by being open and accepting, you’re signaling to your angels that you are ready as well.
Now we come to seeing the changes that you’ve manifested. With money, it’s easy to see the difference between zero and one hundred, so it’s easy to know when your angels have graced you with abundance and to what degree. Gaining or losing weight is the same way.
But what about more intangible things? How will you know when you have manifested more happiness in your life?
The answer is simple: you won’t know the exact moment. One day you’ll look up and realize that you’re truly happy; that love has entered your life and you’re content. In retrospect, you may discover the exact moment or action you took that led you there, but at the time you may not realize what a turning point it is. Remember to listen to your angel’s guidance when it comes to these decisions and follow your intuition.
The main take away from this message is that you are in charge of the degree of your belief when it comes to abundance. What you project into the universe is what will return to you, so be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions.

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