Babies… Present

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Babies Present


 abortion puts you under
scrapes out your womb
in blackness

ashamed, you ask the doctor
whether it was male or female.
‘it was a boy’ he states

you wonder: Is this a punishment
for leaving the convent after 10 years?


the second baby grew to term.
shape-shifted to anencephaly
poisoned the amniotic fluid
elevated the blood pressure
required hospitalization and an X-ray.

anesthesia to deliver
lived 3 hours
tiny box for medical research.


 the third baby was given amniocentesis
to certify no neural tube disorder

doctor penetrated the thigh from front to back

and turned the fluid pink with blood.
daughter has a compromised thigh.


 fourth baby, born 8 lbs, 12 ounces,

presented face-up, and his skull pushed fecal matter out, a battering ram, with each contraction.
That shocked me more than the power of the pushing
I couldn’t control any orifice!

Had to surrender
had to get practiced at giving over to the presentation
the celebration of life

quietly my son’s DNA brought me
Immune system reserves
to protect me
for the rest of my 80 years.

his tiny promise of longevity
for me his Mom
The womb that fed him
the legs that grew long hair while he lived and grew inside

It was the pre-presentation miracle!



1978:07 East Marion

Top: Oliver & Owen 2001

Bottom: John & Owen 1978


how the light sparkles

in the eyes, in the smile, in

hardy DNA!

Definition #25 Might


The LORD our God, the LORD is one.

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your  might.

( The Hebrew Shema)

Let your ZEAL burst from your fingertips!

Let your ZEAL burst from your fingertips!

In your DNA

you are known/loved by your God:

Beyond law… is ZEAL

Think About it…


the cordless mouse

the cordless mouse

We have exactly the same DNA as the mouse.

Prayer for a Field Mouse

by Pat Riviere-Seel

Bless the gray mouse
that found her way
into the recycle bin.
Bless her tiny body,
no bigger than my thumb,
huddled and numb
against the hard side.
Bless her bright eye,
a frightened gleaming
that opened to me
and the nest she made
from shredded paper,
all I could offer.
Bless her last hours
alone under the lamp
with food and water near.
Bless this brief life
I might have ended
had she stayed hidden
inside the insulation.
Bless her body returned
to earth, no more
or less than any creature.

Pattern #63 DNA

DNA from Emily to Annika

DNA from Emily to Annika

DNA flows down
gathering momentum of
smiles, tears, redemption!

Pattern #21 Decay


decay defrays shell:
DNA may gray; display
crochet’d clay castles!

Pattern #15 Extreme


Poland DNA
spawns extreme feats of air, jumps
lifts and balance drops!

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