cover of my book: Diva Pig Child


I am a product of the nunnery

with a medieval French Christian Devotion

to Saints, Mary, Mother of Jesus,

and fulfillment in discipline

and a constant schedule

implemented daily

with meditation



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Definition #380 Pigs and Boars

Jeanne as Diva Pig Child

Jeanne as Diva Pig Child

wild boar

Martin Luthor as wild boar

Martin Luthor
It’s the birthday of a man whom Pope Leo X called “the wild boar in the vineyard”: monk and theologian Martin Luther born in Eisleben in what is now Germany (1483). His father was born a farmer, worked his way up to become a copper smelter, and hoped that his son would advance even further and become a lawyer. Martin did well at school, but his family’s financial difficulties almost caused him to drop out — at the age of 14, he ended up singing on the streets in return for bread. He had a very good singing voice, but it still wasn’t enough to get him through school. A wealthy benefactor noticed the boy and helped pay for his education.
 He believed salvation wouldn’t come from performing acts, like paying indulgences for the forgiveness of sins, but rather from individual faith.

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