Tongue Twister #36 Distance 7

Fawn to Doe

Tame to wild
Held to lift
Small to tall
Slow to swift.

Milk to bark
Bleat to nod
Nest to field
Soft to hard

Babe to Doe
Sniff to know
Shift to surge
Rest to go

Tongue Twister #35 Distance 6

Photo by Seth Snap


Hailstones whipping
Moss creeping
Moss algae
Ice freezing

Hail flying
Moss grabbing
Moss clinging
Hail climbing

Hail cuts
Moss cowers
Moss shelters
Hail showers

Hail shouts
Moss whispers
Moss whimpers
Hail twisters

Tongue Twister #34 Distance5

Giraffe 0n Giraffestretch limo

Up in the Trees

stretch limo
riding high
shotgun seat
in the sky

far away
close to spine
clutching tight
neck so fine

lift to leaves
munch for zest
best to come
graze and rest

Tongue Twister #32 Distance 3


spans ship-to-shore
slip and slide ride
perched on slippery stallion
short of shipping lane
swimming sea leagues
five kilometers a clip.

Tongue Twister # 31 Distance#2


Head to tail
World’s apart
Meow or wail
Wag or dart

Ears point north
Tail points south
‘Cept when curled
Tongue in mouth

Upside down
Eyes blink fast
Tail uncurls
Flag unfurled

Head tucked in
Perfect spiral
Tail wrapped round
Furry gyral.

Tongue Twister #30: Distance


pet to raptor
rapture met
in feathers

beak of raptor
no back door

claws of raptor
not yet sharp-

baby raptor
tiny squat
knows not what
a raptor does


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