Red White and Blue


Every body continues at rest or in motion in a straight line unless compelled to change by forces impressed upon it.
My path to mathematician, scientist, loner, was acted upon by Albert Einstein.
I became swept up in his direction and velocity. His force became my own. I allowed him to trim away all the parts that did not fit his mold.
Finally, I exerted a force equal in magnitude to his. I took back the space that belonged to me.

from “The Other Einstein” by Marie Benedict

Teaming With Life


illustrator: J Byron Schachner

It’s the birthday of poet Robert Lowell (books by this author), born in Boston, Massachusetts (1917). He once said, “Sometimes nothing is so solid to me as writing — I suppose that’s what a vocation means — at times a torment, a bad conscience, but all in all, purpose and direction.”

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