ears in the grass


whose ears are these?



this morning these ears appeared to me in the grass (like those above)


but different,

less oval,

more triangular,

a new-born in the Spring:

a furry, flexible, suckling, cooing babe.

E-Fashion Show

Circle the Pose That is Different...

Circle the Pose That is Different…

I have been working with 3 year old Oliver
in a reading workbook which has him circle DIFFERENT and SAME.
Meanwhile I discovered he can print all the letters of his name.
Especially, he prefers them rocketing in a diagonal thrust toward the stars.
He likes to swirl his sister’s skirts on top of overalls, sporting bare feet.
Seems he’s the model for “different” or aren’t all 3 year old brothers, enamored of their older sisters, the “same”?
Here they are,
in the same place,
at the same time each Thursday,
walking the run-way
swirling the fabrics
strutting the ruffles:

Riddle #15 Fruity



Someone called me :

Did he see my core?
Or tender skin?
Reflection in the light?
Dwarfed stem?
Snappy bites to offer?
Juices flowing?
Kinship with my seeds?
Fallen from a tree?
Or me: different?
An adventure in discovery?

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