One hundred sixty hours of work:

byPavelKulsha took 160hours

It took Pavel Kulsha 160 hours to complete this magnificent illustration…


Is it the details?



 hues and values?

 brush strokes?

 textile designs?

iconic style?


or all of the above?



I begin with watercolor
I begin with pen
I begin with color pencil
I begin to when

I begin with inspiration
I begin with sweat
I begin with cool perspective
I begin to fret

I begin to swing the lines
I begin to shade
I begin to add details
I’m so glad I played!

Sirens Blaring!

engine #30

At 3AM my carbon monoxide detector tweeted me awake 3 nights in a row. Batteries were replaced.
I became more and more cranky with sleep privation.
I called 911 to get fireman advice.
The City of Hudson sent this beautiful contingent in full regalia!

Did you know?

The law requires a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of a house. The 9-volt battery covers when the electric is out.Read the life of these devices on the back. Change battery every year. Check other 3 fire detectors at the same time.

In my HOA there is no building manager, no house alarm company to call the fire department. I have to purchase and maintain the detectors or speed dial Michael
who does it all immediately and disposes of the radio-active devices at the dump.

Oh great tiny city of Hudson
thank you for the details.


Gabrielle in Boston

Father Art takes calls day and night:
doctors us

Father Don plugs in to search:
our GPS

Father Michael measures minutes:
for healthy cats

Treated them to lunch:
food for their souls

Matryoshka Love

In I Go Discoveries I Make Five Layers Under

In I Go
Discoveries I Make
Five Layers Under

Five years unfold.
I see more to trust and enjoy!
FIRST There was the black aura which led to mystery.
SECOND There was the music which played on guitar, ukulele, and keyboard.
THIRD There was the careful scheduling which brought your wife’s frenzies to rest.
FOURTH There was the concentrated listening which made every in-law and relative feel valued, appreciated and known.
FIFTH There were your parents who bring simplicity and order to all of us.
They elevate the details to tributes of love and esteem.
They designate cat fur exotic, the cat hospice the Taj Ma-hal
Insects become et-cet-er-as!


Etihad 777 flight

Southwest, orange, red and blue
breaks the sound barrier of my ears.
Sings and jokes; stretches, bends
small details ’til they’re snug; no fears!

Breaks the sound barrier of my ears:
flies above 30,000 feet of clouds:
hums its path ‘bove westward planes below.

Sings and jokes; stretches, bends
in cabin’s curves: accommodate each soul:
infants, old, and broken boned.

Small details ’til they’re snug: no fears!
the weather’s fair; the night sky drops its skirts
on sleepy tired folks who land and find their rest.

The Language of Affection

Owen, my son
Of 36 years
Used to sit on my lap
(for only a second)
When he was twenty.
Safe and home –
Counting on me.

Years later, he
Carried his father
Frail from mesothelioma
(whenever necessary)

He advised me
That his 3 year old daughter
Would be very upset
If I thought she ate all the chocolates,
Without permission.

She was reassured
Listening to Poppa tell me
Her feelings if I thought her sneaky.

Then today
After enjoying one chocolate,
She deposited the wrapping in my hand.
Evidence that all
Was understood:
The trust-
The certainty-
The affection-

The attention to details!

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