Deep Emily000s

“Deep Emily” watercolor by Jeanne Poland

Owen wanted me to paint Emily in the woods.

But I saw her as rocks in the stream,

surrounded by her family

allowing the cold water to refresh them and smooth the surface

until they were smooth from the touch of the divine…

Discovering Woodstock, NY

Love is like the grass, but the heart is deep, wild rock. DH Lawrence

Drove from Hudson to Woodstock
to Upstate Movie Theater
to view Redford’s film “The Company You Keep”

Arrived 2 hours before the show
to see George Conant playing keyboard on the stage.
Woodstock Upstste theatre George Conant
He invited us to come to theater
on Sundays, around noon to hear the live house band.

The heart of Woodstock is musicians.
Poems on Tuesdays, bands every night.
The vocalists can’t commit to every rehearsal
Too little control over the deep, wild rocks.

George learned piano, but plays guitar and bass;
Staging with the ghosts of past Woodstock Gatherings.

“Where should we eat?” I ask,
“And can we bring back a fish taco for you?”
Mexican restaurant with jalapeno lights and 100 masks
from El Salvador and Guatemala.

“No charge for tickets” George offers.
“Food costs more than ticket fee.”

“This is our last 35mm film showing” George announces.
“Digital from now on.” Gray heads marvel at the speed
Of media’s rocketing through the deep, wild rocks
Into 3D.
We’re spellbound with the film, and Woodstock’s stage:

Deep, wild rock dreams
for young and old
pull our heart strings!

In the Wall

The wall exclaims!

The wall exclaims!

Wall of China
every five feet:

from deep below
the inner core
spews rainbows!

Jeanne Poland
(this is a response to Laura Salas who asked for a poem with under 15 words)

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