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We are one color. When I return home, I must attend to:


clocks, plants, newspapers,

laundry, mail, packages, first

frost, fridge, deck, lamps, etc. ( messages, alerts…..)

Definition #220 Deck

tree frog on deck 5-23-15

tree frog on deck 5-23-15

Selfie on deck 5-23-15

Selfie on deck 5-23-15

Children believe in the power
of animals, tucked into their feathers
and shells; they believe

in blessings: the sprinkle
of holy water, each tiny
unexplained life.

“Blessing of the Animals” by Faith Shearin from Telling the Bees. © Stephen Austin State University Press, 2015.


Yesterday was the perfect listening day on the deck.
We found these bird song recordings and Don played them on the iPhone. Our goldfinch visitors answered, setting up a chorus of crows and squirrels.
Earlier, I noticed that the hummingbird sounded like a loud bumble Bee. Every Spring, I hear her calling for a mate and then she births a baby in the birdhouse on the upper deck, away from the squirrels and cats.

Please try the spectograms on the website below:

Bob, You’re in Your Flutter Phase

This AM the sun fluttered through the pine branches...

This AM the sun fluttered through the pine branches…

Bob, you’re in your flutter phase:
Goldfinch, zig-zags to the deck
Sun dancing through the pines
Tap,tap,tapping on the tiles.

Goldfinch zig-zags to the deck
Voids the gaze of predator
Flutters faster than the shutter.

Sun dancing through the pines
Rising resolutely
Mobil steps that shine.

Tap, tap, tapping on the tiles
Soft steps: flourished strokes
Designer’s dreams.

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