Subway Ride


optical illusion

two poems about the subway:



5AM Subway Ride to School


Got the trombone

in its case

backpack on my “hump”


through the doors

’til angry

rubber thumps-

jumps its rubber lips

firm shut!


subway bite-

A real life squeeze




freaky, scary,




by Jeanne Poland


Rush Hour 
by Anita Pulier

Dressed for work,
silk blouse, gold necklace,
short pleated skirt, sheer black stockings,
backless high heel summer sandals,
she waits with hordes of subway commuters.
As the doors open she raises her sandaled foot 
to step into the train, then watches
as her shoe slips off and tumbles
 down the dark gap between train and platform.
 Doors about to close, she makes her decision
to continue one-shoed, improvising a one-footed ballet
 on the grimy stage
 of a speeding express train.
All eyes are now on her,
 her choreography, her
 en pointe shoelessness, her
 uneven grace and courage,
an entire subway car watching
 this debut, questioning,
how will she navigate
the station, the stairs, 
this bumpy ride, 
the world above.
She smiles, buoyed 
by their curiosity 
which feels very close 
to kindness,
concentrates on
 squealing loudspeakers spewing 
unintelligible words
about her shoe,
 her bare stockinged foot,
 her life, her talent for missteps,
feels the cold grimy floor
 under pointed cramping toes,
convinced kindness has now turned to ridicule,
exposed and defeated
 before the day has barely begun.

“Rush Hour” by Anita Pulier  from Perfect Diet. Finishing Line Press, © 2011. Reprinted with permission.

Definition: #76 Aida

Verdi's  Opera opens in Australia

Verdi’s Opera opens in Australia

It was on this day in 1871 that Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida had its debut at the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo.

Italy – Egypt

grand  musical crescendo

art’s nativity.

A villanelle: My Treasure’s in the Cloud!

My Treasure's in the Cloud!

My Treasure’s in the Cloud!

My treasure’s in the Cloud!
My i-Mac stored it there!
Its debut leaves me proud.

Six poets found it: “wow’d”
My writing in the air!
My treasure’s in the Cloud!

Its rhythm’s hot and loud
My pleasure’s theirs to share
Its debut leaves me proud!

Kerplunk! kerplutz! kerpow!
The beat’s a rock-jazz pair
My treasure’s in the Cloud!

It shakes your rhyme, I vow
Castanets to flair
Its debut leaves me proud!

So jump ‘n sway ‘n clap
‘N snap hands hard on lap
My treasure’s in the Cloud!
Its debut leaves me proud!

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