remembering brings them to life…


this illustration and poem are from my friend and famous poet, David Harrison.

It expresses perfectly our gratitude to our veterans and families.



in 1978 Owen with John


This AM

my daughter went to the farm store

and left her phone in the Ghent Homestead.

I tried for an hour and with 6 calls to 5 people to find her

all to no avail.

I was lost in cyberspace

and had to turn to prayer.



no touch screen –

and I’m out of touch

with the whole village.


Even the wind

was silent.

Only my soul sang.


(from now on, I’m holding all of them in my lap)

( we are there in the lap of my creator)

S     A    F    E   

Definition # 80 Non-negotiable


core relationship:

daughter-grand-daughter and son

reading about owls!

Comfort Food

Feed Your family

Feed Your family

Comfort Food
by Jeanne Poland

My daughter arrived with husband behind,
Post surgery, weary, washed out;
I’d made them a soup with chicken and vegs:
Some broth that gave bones back their clout.

Some wine spiced it sweet, with onions, anise,
Carrots, rosemary, and chicken breasts sliced;
Potatoes, fresh parsley, lemon, zucchini,
Comfort delivered all spiced, sliced and diced!

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