Definition #221 Memorial

Annika Elf in her Lair

Annika Elf in her Lair

dandelions light

the lair; towers of rocks sing

the memorial.

It’s Sweet to Be Remembered
by Charles Wright

No one’s remembered much longer than a rock
is remembered beside the road
If he’s lucky or
Some tune or harsh word
uttered in childhood or back in the day.

Still how nice to imagine some kid someday
picking that rock up and holding it in his hand
Briefly before he chucks it
Deep in the woods in a sunny spot in the tall grass.

“It’s Sweet to Be Remembered” by Charles Wright from Sestets. © Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009. Reprinted with permission.

Definition #218 Golden



golden daffodils,

sunflowers, dandelions,

forsythia’s climb!

The soil feels sweet in my hands
as I push little marigolds in.
Bumblebees stir in the sour cherry
blossoms floating like pieces of moon

Marge Piercy



What does Annika need in her lair?

1000 dandelions hung on the tree
a magic wand tree branch
a rock pile (cairn)
cleared sitting area
sunlight glances
visitors who summon her forth to mountain bike feats in the air!

All rights.

Spring Sprang

wild turkeys
Yesterday Spring sprang!
On the way home from Poetry Reading at the library, in the car, we spied:
2 wild turkeys crossing the road
1 jack rabbit
3 deer
1 woodpecker
3 waving children
several goldfinch
1 carpenter bee
several beetles
Mediterranean wasps
a million dandelions
and many squashed bugs across the windshield of the newly waxed car.

At night, I went right to sleep. All were exactly where they ought to be!

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