A Full Moon Reading for the Lunar Aquarius:


Lunar Aquarius
Instead of looking at your Star/Zodiac Sign, this Lunar Horoscope reveals the guidance of your Aquarius Moon Sign. Not your Moon Sign? Click here.
This week, Lunar Aquarius, your mind is buzzing with questions. As one of the most introspective and curious of the Moon Signs, you are often someone who always questions your surroundings. Your connection to otherworldly realms, even different states of consciousness has always meant that you are more questioning than your peers. This week, that energy seems to be in overdrive. There is a situation or event in your life that has confused you, the right way forward doesn’t seem to be so clear. You have been going back and forth over which choice to make. But whatever it is that you don’t fully understand, know that soon the answer will reveal itself.

There is another important astrological event this week: a sensitive Full Moon in Virgo shines on February 27th bringing with it a feeling of wholeness and safety, and allowing us to tap into the quieter wisdom so connected to this sign. This moon is incredibly grounding, helping us to get in touch with ourselves, both on a physical and spiritual level. As we have finished working with last months intensely Aquarian energy, which is very intellectual and word based, now it is time for you to connect with the Virgo energy of the Goddess. 

This energy is tied to the rhythms of the land and connects between our spiritual and physical identity. It is sensitive and healing, but also connected to our sense of faith and intuition. You may find yourself reflecting more this week, or re-engaging with your spiritual, religious or faith-based dimensions which make up an important aspect of who you are. There is a slow, deliberateness to this lunation. As if it knows that it’s potent energy will do the work of healing and introspection whether or not you are ready to accept it.

This moon is also very fertile, indicating that your creativity will be enhanced during this time. It is critical that you take this opportunity to explore any creative impulses that bubble to the service. Feel this creativity flow through your body, connect with it and in nature. Spending time outside, especially in the forest will be extra potent for you. 

As we move into Pisces season this Full Moon is opposing a Pisces Sun creating a Pisces-Virgo axis that is one of the most energetically powerful axises you can work with. This moon really wants you to look deep within, to find that quieter wisdom. One connected to thought rather than word. It is a deeper knower, one that challenges us in ways we don’t realize until we have experienced it. Understand where you are now, what experiences in the last year have defined you and spurred growth, and allow yourself to heal from that as you look to the future.
Your Birth Numbers Reading:

7_iconjeanne, this critical message is brought to you by The Number Seven!
And you should listen to it because it’s as unexpected as every other satisfying opportunity you’ve encountered in your life so far.
All the wisdom you hide inside needs to be released, jeanne.
I know it is more comfortable to stay in your own zone of genius. 
It is safe to keep the lane.
But it only takes you on the same path you’ve walked before.
And you know, jeanne, you are ready for change.
Not only that, but you’ve been craving it.
Those who love you have already noticed this shift in your behavior.
Yes, they’re used to your reclusive, mysterious nature, but it seems they’ve rallied against you with their frequent “Hey, are you okay?” questions.
They’ve noticed you closing in, and even though they are willing to push through to get to you, they’re only able to get so far until they get fed up.
So, jeanne, take action today!
Use the spiritual vibrations imprinted in Number Seven by Neptune, its ruling planet, and release yourself from the cocoon you’ve been transforming in the past months!
Just like a caterpillar, you’ve used this period for inner growth and metamorphosis, and it’s now time to spread your wings and let the world behold and drink in your beauty!
The world awaits your beautiful transformation, jeanne, and you are ready to shine!

My Animal Spirit Totem


Mother Otter and Baby


Otter holds power in the Below Realm, the world of water and emotions. Otter also draws some power from the Middle Realm, the world where humanity dwells. Otter is the guardian of the direction of North-Northeast. Otter manipulates the elemental powers of air within the element of Earth, this is where the interactive mind goes beyond the limitations of the rational world.
As an animal spirit totem, Otter teaches to be unpredictable, stepping out of the box of mundane conventionality. Otter possesses great skills at finishing tasks, letting nothing stand in its way as to distract or hinder progress. Otter teaches you to allow your curiosity, creativity, honesty and intuitiveness to be your guide through any project. Though people may not understand your methodology, your end results will speak for themselves. Otter has a memory like a steel trap for details, retaining everything ever taught or learned through experiences. Otter wants to know all the specifics, opinions, and perspectives of others, and awaits the opportunities to share all he knows with others, with great enthusiasm. So with this, Otter teaches to be mindful of being overbearing in conversations, and not to always share everything you know all at once.
Otter is extremely playful, marching to the beat of his own drum. Anytime is a good time to frolic about and dance in the moonlight. Otter teaches that this is a healthy attitude to take towards life, however, remember to keep your feet firmly planted as to bring yourself back down to Earth when there is work to be done and a steady focus is needed.

Definition #326 Curious

Curious George

                                                                                  Curious George

From Fifi to George

From Hamburg Zoo to Paris

From Reyersbach to

HA Rey

Today is the birthday of H.A. Rey (books by this author), born Hans Augusto Reyersbach in Hamburg, Germany (1898). He grew up near the Hagenbeck Zoo, and spent many happy hours watching and drawing the animals, and learning to imitate their sounds. When he was in his 20s, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, changed his last name to “Rey” because it was easier for Brazilians to pronounce, and went to work selling bathtubs.

It was in Rio that he was reunited with Margret Waldstein, a young artist he’d met back in Hamburg, when Margret was still a girl. She convinced him to leave the bathtub trade and together they opened an advertising agency. They were married in Brazil in 1935. They went to Europe on their honeymoon and decided to move back there, but couldn’t return to Germany because they were both Jews, and by this time the Nazis were in power. The Reys settled in Paris instead, and began collaborating on children’s books, with Margret writing the copy and Hans providing the illustrations.

They were living in Paris when the Second World War broke out. “It seems ridiculous to be thinking about children’s books,” Rey wrote to a friend. “[But] life goes on, the editors edit, the artists draw, even during wartime.” One of their collaborations, Raffy and the Nine Monkeys (1939), is about a lonely giraffe who opens her home to a family of monkeys. The youngest monkey was named Fifi, and he was always getting into scrapes; the Reys liked him so much, they decided to write a book that was just about him.

The Reys were at work on their Fifi book when they found out that the Nazis were going to invade Paris. Rey hastily built two bicycles out of spare parts; he and Margret gathered up a very few belongings — including their manuscript — and left the city just two days before the Nazis invaded, funded by the advance they had received for The Adventures of Fifi. They cycled 75 miles in two days, staying in farmhouses and barns. At one point, they were stopped by an official, who thought they might be German spies. He searched their bag, found the monkey manuscript, and released them. The Reys crossed Spain and Portugal, eventually making their way to Lisbon; from there, they sailed to Brazil, where they made arrangements to move to the United States.

They finally arrived in New York City four months after they’d left Paris, and moved to Greenwich Village. Within a week, they had found a publisher for their monkey book, but the publisher thought “Fifi” was a strange name for a boy monkey, so they changed his name. Curious George was published in 1941, and the Reys wrote and illustrated six more stories about him — stories like Curious George Rides a Bike (1952) and Curious George Goes to the Hospital (1966). Each book begins the same way: “George was a good little monkey, but he was always very curious.”

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