electronic portrait painting from Chris D’Orta


Quick Silver

lettered by Jeanne Poland

certainty and doubt


claws or nails?


My goal isn’t to take away your confusion. Confusion is a fertile field
in which everything is possible. If you think you “know,” you’ve just
calcified again. Ram Dass


Is there something exciting out on the raggedy edges called Perhaps?
What sorts of certainties stifle curiosity? What sorts of sureness make
life livable?


I have a lot of edges called Perhaps
and almost nothing you can call
Mary Oliver in “Angels,” Blue Horses


Hope keeps me from calcifying

Angels teach me “perhaps’

Curiosity  makes imagination grow


the wild horses keep running!



Don in 1961 @ 7 years of age

Jeanne in 1958

Jeanne in 1958 @ 17 years of age


graced with affect, joy

and curiosity, two

doves learn-yearn to fly!


I need to see my grandchildren grow


Annika Chef ready to grill


Every week
I need to see my grandchildren grow

To know
They have a grandmother such as I

Creative quicksilver lady dropping seeds

With needs
Built in for curiosity, loyalty, respect and fun

To run
And bike and spin things-flashing light shining love-rays

Every week.

The Illustrator’s Resolve

HA Ray's  Famous Curious George

H A Rey’s
Famous Curious George

To escape persecution, as a Jew, Hans Augusto Rey and his wife, Margaret, had to escape Paris just before the German occupation in 1940. Hans created 2 bicycles to use to cycle to safety, fleeing with his monkey drawings and his life. Later the Curious George books were published in New York, and Hans was listed as illustrator, and Margaret as story writer.

Folio your gems:
Cycle them to freedom’s press:
c u r i o s i t y!

Children Without TV #41:Through the Keyhole

FrizzText's cat

FrizzText’s cat

curiosity &
initiative fashion
magic key-holed doors!

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