see through child-like eyes…


“You will feel such joy when you see life through childlike eyes. Show interest in everything new and you will learn so much about the world and about yourself.”
Your Angel’s Message:
You’ve had a lot to contend with recently. You’re no doubt feeling exhausted and cynical. Oblivious to all the fun and the beauty in life. Do not let this go on. The angels want you to know that the circumstances you’re going through are only temporary. Now is the time to regain that lost curiosity you once had about life. This advice will work for you whether you have a lot going on at work or if you’ve problems closer to home. No matter what is currently happening in your life, through being curious about yourself  and the world around you, you’ll get back on track!

When you’re curious about yourself, you grow as a person. Showing interest in others provides you with an understanding of the world around you. Finding out more about the world is illuminating!
What You Should Do:
It’s curiosity that keeps you feeling interested in the world. Take time to discover who you really are as a person. Explore your interests. Make plans to visit the places you have always felt drawn to. When you meet new people, ask them all about themselves. People love to talk about their lives. And, you’ll find out so much while potentially making some new friends into the bargain!
Your Affirmation:
“I am curious about the wonders of life. I am guided by angels to find out more about myself and those around me.”

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