Move Beyond the Recipe


made by Jeanne’s iPhone6X and a Photoshop filter

A Recipe for Polyamorous Sex

I loved Joseph Greeley in his First Communion suit, 7 years old and Irish. He was fresh.

Then there was Ray Siller, 17, who scotch-skipped with me free range in Queens.

Next was John Atherly Poland, a defrocked trappist priest, 38, who met me on the NYC subway. He turned me into a photographer and film maker.

Charles Aybar, my roller skating coach, moved me on wheels.

Gino Calderone guided me through Italian, Portuguese, French and South America.

When I was 47, I met my closest mate, Donald Smith, a computer technician.

The poly-pie is complete. We have a topping of trust, respect ,intimacy and hot, flavorful herbs, fresh, crispy, soft and personal.




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