upon awakening


illustrator: J Byron Schachner

upon awakening:


soul: touch your third eye to see your Creator

ego: touch your 5 senses to open them all to sense your Creator

soul: touch your third eye to see your Redeemer

ego: touch your lips, ears, finger tips, eyes, nose, to sense your Redeemer

soul: open to cleansing to touch your Sanctifier

ego: open to pain and read its lesson from the Sanctifier

Fear is painful until it is examined. Then it discerns

fight or flight

panic or love

and chooses!


(If you have knee replacements and can’t kneel, try this:

Stand and reach down to touch your toes. Bending thus, touch your third eye, and 5 senses. When finished reach to the sky 3x and exhale breathing out your submission, acceptance and promise of valor!)

Lily Proliferation


this lily plant is 46 years old


I bought it in Port Washington

and the most blooms it ever had were three.

Today it has 15 white flowers!

It appears the plant has also been resurrected in 2019!

I welcome the glorious energy

and share it with you!

Thank you, Creator,

for the resplendent revelation:

the exclamation to your glory!


I’m scared


I’m scared

I’m scared
of letting go of my
moves me
Imagination flies me off
the ground.
status puffs me up with fluff.
If I let the Creator take over
His mystery will bring ambivalence.
And so
I’m scared.
Did you say: “start to trust him?”
I am not a child.
Or maybe, to Him I am.
Christ  and Sanctifier,
show me the Father.
And the Mother
and the adult child that is me.
Just for today.

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Tue, 02/26/2019 – 10:41 written for PowerPoetry– jeannepoland



in 1978 Owen with John


This AM

my daughter went to the farm store

and left her phone in the Ghent Homestead.

I tried for an hour and with 6 calls to 5 people to find her

all to no avail.

I was lost in cyberspace

and had to turn to prayer.



no touch screen –

and I’m out of touch

with the whole village.


Even the wind

was silent.

Only my soul sang.


(from now on, I’m holding all of them in my lap)

( we are there in the lap of my creator)

S     A    F    E   


Sometimes God's Creations need to thaw...

Sometimes God’s Creations need to thaw…

Every setting is a grace:
the changing light
the cold
the warmth that falls on the frozen ground.

Do I fear judgement?
harbor uneasiness?
The Son of Man
brings healing
new beginnings.

I was lost.
And found.
Why would I exclude others?

All God does is

I can be free of all disguise,
whole in the panorama of creation.
Clothed in “justice for all”
armed with a cosmic view.
No crying, pain, only an awakening.

wrongs made right
letting go of ill will
robed with the compassion of Christ.

I can be the lion
who lies with the lamb;
the lamb who bleats
for the lion.
I am the vibrant channeled creator!

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