Express your inner child; co-create




“It’s important for you to spend some time exploring your creativity.

Express your inner child!”Your Angel’s Message:When this card comes up, it often carries the message that you feel stuck in life or blocked in some way. The angels are indicating that the best way to feel back to your usual self is to get creative. Expressing who you are is deliberating and cathartic. Be who you are. Not what society wants you to be. Have fun. Be silly. Enjoy yourself. Laugh. Shed your inhibitions. 

You may not consider yourself to be a creative person, but you are. Remember that we are all created by God, the divine creator. Being creative doesn’t need to mean knowing how to paint like Picasso or being able to play Chopin. Even an expressive release of your inner feelings is creative. It may not come easily for you to you to let yourself go. After all, we all spend so much time wearing our conventional masks when we’re in the outside world. Just take your time to look within yourself and to figure out what creative outlet you feel most drawn to.

What You Should Do:Indulge in any activity you feel drawn to that allows you to express your imagination, your inner feelings and your inner child. The energy and time you put into creativity today will benefit you greatly.

Your Affirmation:“I’m free to be me and to express my feelings, thoughts and imagination!”

Christ on throne


Scripture of Mass on Nov 15/2020



Blessed Lord

Grant grace to hear your word

read it

mark it,inwardly digest it and hold fast to the blessed hope of everlasting love in Christ with the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 123:

I lift my eyes to you on your throne in Heaven

Look until you show me mercy

Kiss and wash your feet

I have had enough of contempt, scorn, indolence, and derision

Show me your mercy

Show me my Master.

Epistle: I Thessalonians 5:1-11

I am a child of light

a child of the day with a breastplate of faith and love

Build up each other and live with Him!

the Gospel: Matthew 25:14-30

Co-create with your master.

Light your basket to shine in the dark!


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