Reggae Convergence

Ziggy Marley sings for Redemption

Ziggy Marley
sings for Redemption

My life became reggae
when the Cable tech came with his Jamaican helpfulness
when I danced to Reggae music with my Alzheimer’s friend
when The Netflix BBC Show was about Jamaican voodoo protection
when my e-friend, FrizzText, posted the music of Bob Marley and son.

Some of this came in the cloud,
some in human footprints.
Some of this moved our feet:
All of this was fine art,
rocky shaking redemption!

E-Editing A Video on an iPhone4s…

Editing A Video on an iPhone4s is like trying on a dress that’s too small…
The buttons wince
since recessed
in the pull
of fabric
on the screen.

My finger’s
too big to fit
the tiny icon.
I swipe to zoom
‘n weave replaces dress.

iPhone rushes
to reformat
and passes me by.

My finger taps
once, then twice
in the tiny pleats.

Where is the help ?
How to scroll to the hem?
And back again
to the collar.

How do I
loop the sound
around the waist?

Can I share iVideo
on iPhone
or must I launch it
into cloud, satellite or tower?

Is my dress
one size fits all?
Or most?
No way!
Fits only they
who blink and smile
and love my bytes!

A villanelle: My Treasure’s in the Cloud!

My Treasure's in the Cloud!

My Treasure’s in the Cloud!

My treasure’s in the Cloud!
My i-Mac stored it there!
Its debut leaves me proud.

Six poets found it: “wow’d”
My writing in the air!
My treasure’s in the Cloud!

Its rhythm’s hot and loud
My pleasure’s theirs to share
Its debut leaves me proud!

Kerplunk! kerplutz! kerpow!
The beat’s a rock-jazz pair
My treasure’s in the Cloud!

It shakes your rhyme, I vow
Castanets to flair
Its debut leaves me proud!

So jump ‘n sway ‘n clap
‘N snap hands hard on lap
My treasure’s in the Cloud!
Its debut leaves me proud!

Go see:

Have You Seen Don?

iPhone Hut

I’ve lost him.

I’ve searched with screams
Ear buds silence them.

I’ve cried.
Tears don’t penetrate titanium.

So much digital memory:
No room for me.

Cloud can’t carry me:
Emotion weighs too much!

I’m the foreigner:
Mobile vs Tradition,
Come and go vs staying,
Breathing vs battery.

I charge in sleep mode:
Discern TMI.

Don is definitely lost…
I am alone…under the cloud
Wondering where to go…

The Cloud

Today the cloud was out of control with beeping, messaging and zooming in with
data I neither wanted or needed.

Give me the cold hard rocks
The dense plates
Above the fiery core.

Rather than amorphous tweets
Airborne data pests
From nosy clouds aloft.

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