Tongue Twister #37 Distance 8


Closing the Distance

Even thugs need hugs;
Kings bring
cling and wing
where e’er they sing.

Lions need be held;
by fold-behold
the pride
of mane and hide.

Young and old
bring shelter;
food and drink
a golden link.

Tongue Twister #35 Distance 6

Photo by Seth Snap


Hailstones whipping
Moss creeping
Moss algae
Ice freezing

Hail flying
Moss grabbing
Moss clinging
Hail climbing

Hail cuts
Moss cowers
Moss shelters
Hail showers

Hail shouts
Moss whispers
Moss whimpers
Hail twisters



Are you the river emptied into the bay?
Today be engorged by the rain.

Are you the pocket emptied by the drawers?
Today be stuffed with barter gems galore.

Are you devoid and destitute?
Today cling to sufficiency.

Are you exhausted, depleted, evacuated?
Today float up to the brim. Let the Spirit lavish you.

Are you abandoned, neglected by empty promises?
Today make plentiful ones.(to yourself)

Are you stripped of goals, ideals and notions?
Today find Ample. Have a picnic.

Are you the child without contents?
Today be jam-packed with hope: a promise of evolution!

Are you too old for discoveries?
Today find profuse extravagance. Breath in your inheritance.

Sept 2, 2012
Jeanne Poland

Who is This Quicksilver?

Who is This Quicksilver?

who creates
mercurial poem- paintings which
effervesce like rainbow bubbles
freshly blown?

Each pops,
and leaves its scent upon the nose – invisible-
yet haunting.

We lift the veil
and find the sweet essence
clinging to our skin.

We have been touched with the silver of her grace-
quickly turned to silver.

Jeanne Poland

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