Julie Rowan-Zoch

illustrator: Julie Rowan Zoch (ROZO)

The portal that weds power and submission: LOVE

The  philosopher Georg Hegel  was born in Stuttgart (1770). He started out as a theologian, particularly interested in how Christianity is a religion based on opposites: sin and salvation, earth and heaven, finite and infinite.

He believed that Jesus had emphasized love as the chief virtue because love can bring about the marriage of opposites.

Hegel eventually went beyond theology and began to argue that the subject of philosophy is reality, and he hoped to describe how and why human beings create communities and governments, make war, destroy each other’s societies, and then build themselves up to do it all over again.

He came up with the concept of dialectic,

the idea that all human progress is driven by the conflict between opposites,

that each political movement is imperfect and so gives rise to a counter movement that takes control — and that is also imperfect — and gives rise to yet another counter movement, and so on to infinity.

Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx argued that the most important dialectic of history was between worker and master, rich and poor, and their ideas led to the birth of


Bread of Angels, refresh me!

Grass inherited

Grace through the generations

“I am His Father and He is my Son…Let all the angels of God worship Him…Angels swift as the wind; servants made of flaming fire.” (Hebrews 1:5)

From God, to Mother to Son
The Spirit Messengers fly;
Flaming fire to cleanse,
Protect the chosen from high

The Spirit Messengers fly;
Swift as the wind
To those who sinned.

Flaming fire to cleanse,
Refresh with grace
Face to face!

Protect the chosen from high
The Father ministers
To earth’s youngsters.

“Can Jesus come out to play?

God as Father

“Can Jesus come out to play” I say.
His mother points up: “He’s praying to God;
He calls Him His Father, His Day Spring, and God
With us, Mighty One, Morning Star, Prince of Peace.”

“I’ve brought my reverence, my honor and trust;
May I join in the bowing, surrender and awe?”
“Of course” answers Mary, “and then you can play;
You’re children alike, made to worship and stay

In His arms,
through rough times
and ahead to the JOY:
to His gift:

Who is this Spirit?


Minister of God’s Compassion
John 15:26-27, 14:15-18. 14:26, 16:5-16

I will send you the Comforter
He will come to you from the Father,
Tell you all about me;
He is the source of all truth.

He will come to you from the Father;
He’s been with me from the beginning:
Comforts you in doubt, despair and affliction.

Tell you all about me;
Gives you wisdom to examine your life
See past denial and self deception.

He is the source of all truth:
Reveals the teachings of Jesus,
Guides you to justice and truth.

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