Archetype 32

owl 32

each of us has a perch


we watch, choose, fly to

our love object: embrace bliss

and guard that coming!

Designing together



caricatures by Jeanne


we click the iPhone

edit, place, size, color, choose,

print just so: design!

Blue Monkey


by Julie Rowan Zoch


where black is center

of interest: face and hands


Owls: Is China’s owl more than a pretty thing?


downy pelt – golden

hues views news- choose remember:

surgery of soul!

Try listening to this music video:

Definition #196 Human

Fit Feet to Pedals, Seats and Spokes

Fit Feet to Pedals, Seats and Spokes

humans mimic love-

ancestors; trust pathfinders;

evolve, choose, improve.

Definition #26 Feeling Chakras

fear rears its head: yowls

fear rears its head: yowls

sounds, smells stir your musk

fear raises fur, eyes, dander;

fight or flee: breathe. choose.

Please May I?


As a child we played a game called:
“Please may I?”
The leader on the sidewalk said I could take: three giant steps, or five umbrella steps, or two baby steps, or two backward steps.
One was not allowed to begin until asking: “Please may I”
If you forgot, you had to return and begin at the starting place.
What power was given to the leader to design the choreography,
and then grant permission to proceed.
The game was a grand tribute to courtesy
and we learned to interact with respect.
The word “May” is endowed with power.
Perhaps God used it when He created us, thinking: They may obey or disobey.
I want them to choose!!!!

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