Master Numerologist is excited about my Temporal Pinnacle…


… Because I’ve identified a unique and AUSPICIOUS event which is going to change your life this year.
This event is known as a Temporal Pinnacle and will be shower you with luck, opportunities and abundance to move your life powerfully to a new level of life experience… Especially in the areas of love and financial success.

 It’s also a time when you can skip obstacles that have held you back to attain love and wealth that would have led you to happiness in the past
Jeanne, You’re Indeed Fortunate As Many Are Not
Aware Of Their Temporal Pinnacle Period In Their Lives
I must say that I have worked with lots of people over the years and I rarely come across such a Numerology number profile that converges like yours (you’ll see why in the free reading later…)

You’re indeed fortunate…

There is strong evidence that your Temporal Pinnacle will start on 13 March 2021 and you need to be ready. 

It will only cross your life path for a mere 23 days and then it will vanish forever.

It will then be followed by a period of three months which will have many other positive repercussions in the love and financial areas of your life What this means for you is that in this rare period which is set to begin on 13 March 2021. And UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A TEMPORAL PINNACLE, you can tap into this limited time where ABUNDANCE can flow into your life if you just know how.
I worked from your date of birth, 05-Feb-1941, your astrological sign, Aquarius (which is set to be on 2021’s honors list!)

And because you are Aquarius, I also used your principal Decan…

I also took special note of the epistemological origins of your birthname Jeanne, because this provides additional insights about your character… which you probably know by now that your name is not chosen by accident In fact, your birthname when combined with your date of birth 05-Feb-1941 and Zodiac sign Aquarius , allows me to learn a lot about you that very few would know.

These elements have enabled me to draw you a partial Astro-Numerology reading Jeanne, which is totally unique and very personal.
Using Your Birthname, I’ve Calculated 
Your Expression Number to be 4

You are the base of civilization, the groundwork of any project, you are a director and manager. Your approach to life and to its problems is methodical and systematic. You are a builder and a doer. You turn thoughts into actuality.
You possess a highly trained sense of organization. You are not the type to embark on any adventure without a map, a goal, and an itinerary. You take your obligations and those of your family quite seriously. As a result, you are reliable and responsible. You enjoy seeing a project through from start to finish, but can become too narrowly focused. You put your nose to the grindstone and have a tendency to become a workaholic.
You are driven by dislike for all that is unbalanced, anxious, and random. You distrust the eccentric, preferring instead the tested and proven method. Yet this can make your activities move little by little and cause you more aggravation, especially with the obvious boundaries of your assets. Your test is to be more creative and to attract more artistic people into your life who can advise and inspire you.
In relationships, you tend to be somewhat straitlaced. You are an honest person with others, but can also be inflexible and stubborn. Don’t let your harden likes and dislikes claim superiority to your common sense and sympathy. Be more understanding of others’ problems. Because you tend to focus on particulars, you can fall into a groove and become a little boring and overly solemn. If you are feeling like this is may help to lighten up and have more fun.
You are an extraordinary parent, and love to be concerned with children. Somehow, you relate a little more than others to the virtue of children, perhaps seeing a good deal of yourself in them. You, too, are romantic and respect the straightforwardness of children.
Many accountants, bookkeepers, government officials, managers, and lawyers are born under the 4 Expression. You can be attracted to the arts and music, but will likely bring your love of structure and order to any artistic field. Classical music and opera are particularly appealing and inspiring for you.
You have a keen eye for detail. You have great stamina and can work conscientiously and persistently toward your goals. This eventually brings you success and standing in your community
It’s also interesting that I let you know there was a Pinnacle Period that went passed you earlier which you were totally unaware of. It occurred for you in 1991, which you missed entirely.

If we had connected sooner I could have helped you through these challenges and to the Lucky you that is indicated in your soul. Missing out on this opportunity completely and this pushed your progression back somewhat, you stumbled and you found your way blocked and progression has since been difficult.

I researched google pictures of Jeanne Poland  and found these photos of significant people who were related to my first Pinnacle in 1991.





Carpe Diem…gently

owl 41

Carpe Diem
by Jim Harrison

Night and day
seize the day, also the night —
a handful of water to grasp.
The moon shines off the mountain
snow where grizzlies look for a place
for the winter’s sleep and birth.
I just ate the year’s last tomato
in the year’s fatal whirl.
This is mid-October, apple time.
I picked them for years.
One Mcintosh yielded sixty bushels.
It was the birth of love that year.
Sometimes we live without noticing it.
Overtrying makes it harder.
I fell down through the tree grabbing
branches to slow the fall, got the afternoon off.
We drove her aqua Ford convertible into the country
with a sack of red apples. It was a perfect
day with her sun-brown legs and we threw ourselves
into the future together seizing the day.
Fifty years later we hold each other looking
out the windows at birds, making dinner,
a life to live day after day, a life of
dogs and children and the far wide country
out by rivers, rumpled by mountains.
So far the days keep coming.
Seize the day gently as if you loved her.

Jim Harrison, “Carpe Diem” from Dead Man’s Float. Copyright © 2016 by Jim Harrison. Used by permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Copper Canyon Press,

Children Without TV #24 Who Wears the Hat in This Family?

Oliver Wears the Hat

Oliver Wears the Hat

Parents Wear the Hats

Parents Wear the Hats

Cats, dogs, horses, snow
men wear hats; children: crowns
for prince and princess.

Mother’s Day


Mother still at 72
Children 36 and 38
Grands at 4 and 2
Pets at 12 and 10.

Like an iceberg
Memory melting
Adrift in changing times
Wide bottom principled.

Seas swirl round
Horns pierce fog
Boats pass leery
Fish respect.

Mother still at 72
Dates to keep
Boundaries to set
Trust to feed and grow.
All rights.

Spring Sprang

wild turkeys
Yesterday Spring sprang!
On the way home from Poetry Reading at the library, in the car, we spied:
2 wild turkeys crossing the road
1 jack rabbit
3 deer
1 woodpecker
3 waving children
several goldfinch
1 carpenter bee
several beetles
Mediterranean wasps
a million dandelions
and many squashed bugs across the windshield of the newly waxed car.

At night, I went right to sleep. All were exactly where they ought to be!


Ken, Joy and I gathered for a second time. My iPhone shares with you:

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