Children Without TV #42 Mud Pies

Amazon Water Lily

Mud pies, puddles, streams
to scan; elemental scents
of earth’s touch to come.

Children Without TV #41:Through the Keyhole

FrizzText's cat

FrizzText’s cat

curiosity &
initiative fashion
magic key-holed doors!

There’s a new book for you to enjoy for free:

Children Without TV Book
Children Without TV

Descr.How children live without TV, boom boxes and cartoons for breakfast… from birth to 5 years of age; sharing with pets, the outdoors and all the neighborhood critters. Even spiders get counted.

click on the link to see a page by page animation of the entire book.
If you view it in full screen, you’ll get maximum effect.

Children Without TV #40 Miss Spring

Oliver and Annika explain the appearance of Mrs Snowthaw, the Lady Spring!

She melts the snow, calls
the birds, seedlings, roots, babies:
verdant beginnings!

Children Without TV #38 Heroes in Literature

Jane Yolan and Mark Teague tell how dinosaur gets well soon.

Jane Yolan and Mark Teague tell how dinosaur
gets well soon.

Three year old saw it
once; heard it once; kept the rhyme!
THINK: make a big stink

Today on Face Time, Oliver reminded me that his Mom had the flu. And that the dinosaur doesn’t make a “big stink.” This is a timely phenomena since he is navigating from diapers to using the toilet.
So he memorized the phrase from Yolan’s book: “Does he make a big stink? Is that what you think?” Every time he quotes the book, his family applauds for the young poet. All the acknowledgment is just more encouragement. His favorite at 2 was “poop poop toot toot”!

Children Without TV: #37 Joining

My color pencil portrait of the grandkids

My color pencil portrait of the grandkids

Slipping in: soft clay
mold: brother-sister creature:
shimmer reflections.

Children Without TV #36 Catch in the Wild

Does this little artist know how to take home the fish?

Sees them swimming swift-
ly – shimmer scales a-glimmer:
gentle lullaby!

Children Without TV #35 Enough

Is a twig enough? Or do I need an eagle's nest?

Is a twig enough?
Or do I need an eagle’s nest?

Enough light, height, bright
outlook, closeness, uniqueness,
comfort in the wind.

Children Without TV #34 Who do we love?

Apple's Cloud proudly presents: Annika's much loved farm friends!

Apple’s Cloud proudly presents: Annika’s much loved farm friends!

Drawn on i-Pad Air on Thursday March 13,2014

i-Pad Air transports
favored personalities
known and stroked on farm.

Papa, Mama met
on farm; brought their care to cubs,
calves, babes and off-spring!

Children Without TV #33 A Unique Kingdom

Snowshoes claim the top of the hill in triumph!

Snowshoes claim the top of the hill in triumph!

Nigerian poet, Ben Okri tells us:
“Literature always comes from a specific place, but it lives in its own unique kingdom

Woodland kingdom guards
explorers; spawns her young shoots
from her nourished roots.

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