Chicken Soup

there's something about those noodles... being bigger than the veggies

there’s something about those noodles…
being bigger than the veggies

Walking home from school for lunch
Holding hands with siblings all the way
Finding the table set for 5
Spooning in the steamy brew
Warmly coating my belly!
Completely belonging!

Comfort Food

Feed Your family

Feed Your family

Comfort Food
by Jeanne Poland

My daughter arrived with husband behind,
Post surgery, weary, washed out;
I’d made them a soup with chicken and vegs:
Some broth that gave bones back their clout.

Some wine spiced it sweet, with onions, anise,
Carrots, rosemary, and chicken breasts sliced;
Potatoes, fresh parsley, lemon, zucchini,
Comfort delivered all spiced, sliced and diced!

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