“A time of celebration and joy is nigh! Enjoy this period Child of God. You deserve this!”
Your Angel’s Message:
You have created a wonderful time of change and of happiness within your life. With the help of the angels, you have created the right conditions to welcome an exciting and celebratory period. The good intentions you have sent out are manifesting. Your heart and soul are to be filled with warmth and thankfulness. 

This card has been drawn for you. Let it speak to you. Feel its positivity. Feel happiness and excitement begin to build. You have planted and nurtured seeds that have grown and flourished. Sit back now and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Remember though, that for something to grow it needs to be tended to with love and care. Keep tending to your seeds and your crops will continue to be bountiful for many years to come!
What You Should Do:
Enjoy this lovely time. Celebrate yourself, your loved ones and all that is good in your life. Know that you have created this feeling and reality through your own good thoughts and actions. The angels have helped this along too. Your partnership with them is strong and will remain so. Take some time out to smell the roses!
Your Affirmation:
“My life is good. With the help of God and the angels, celebrations are up ahead. I am forever grateful.”

Babies… Present

Quenby's photo

Babies Present


 abortion puts you under
scrapes out your womb
in blackness

ashamed, you ask the doctor
whether it was male or female.
‘it was a boy’ he states

you wonder: Is this a punishment
for leaving the convent after 10 years?


the second baby grew to term.
shape-shifted to anencephaly
poisoned the amniotic fluid
elevated the blood pressure
required hospitalization and an X-ray.

anesthesia to deliver
lived 3 hours
tiny box for medical research.


 the third baby was given amniocentesis
to certify no neural tube disorder

doctor penetrated the thigh from front to back

and turned the fluid pink with blood.
daughter has a compromised thigh.


 fourth baby, born 8 lbs, 12 ounces,

presented face-up, and his skull pushed fecal matter out, a battering ram, with each contraction.
That shocked me more than the power of the pushing
I couldn’t control any orifice!

Had to surrender
had to get practiced at giving over to the presentation
the celebration of life

quietly my son’s DNA brought me
Immune system reserves
to protect me
for the rest of my 80 years.

his tiny promise of longevity
for me his Mom
The womb that fed him
the legs that grew long hair while he lived and grew inside

It was the pre-presentation miracle!

the fabulous four


made it to 41!  and beyond!



was a celebration

of fabulous feats

fabulous child athletes

on the lake

in the hills

in the boats

on the bikes

in our fabulous 40’s!

Writing in the sand



calligraphy by Andrew Van der Merwe




between the c and h

a ligature

flowing bond

between the r and s

a ligature

life together

a celebration

of coming together

in South Africa



by Andrew Van der Werwe

Sparkling River

Charles River2-26-16

Charles River from my window at the Boston/Newton Marriott 2/26/16

sparkles on the Charles

canoes slipping by: kin come

for celebration!

Tongue Twister: #29: Singular Sensation

Jon and Kavi

It’s a …
singular sensation:
double celebration
smile and tongue libation
cloned manipulation!

Father’s Day Creation
Jon and Kavi a-tion!

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