Carried on your wings…

Version 2

in memory of Bill Smith

born April 27, 1923

died October 5, 2016

in the arms of Diane, Tom, Angie, Neil, and children.

He will be buried
next to Lavena, his wife, born in 1932
in the hills of Wisconsin.


Bill’s parents did not know how his path would go
but they knew he would make it
And that his trips would differ from theirs.
Their faith in their youngster
came from their youngster’s faith in himself.

You came O Powerful One
from the everlasting mountains.
Weak now are the stouthearted.
They sleep their sleep.
(Psalm 75:5&6)

So will You
supply our every need
according to your riches in Glory
in Christ Jesus
to our God and Father
for endless ages
(Phil 4:19-20)

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