When Caroline Myss speaks…


in her new book: “Intimate Conversations with the Divine”

“the power of prayer and energy breathe and instill life and

unconditional love nourishes and ultimately  heals.”

Jeffrey Rediger

“It is always brave to share the intimacy of the messages hidden in silence.Courage is matched by gentleness, and healing results.”

Lawrence Freeman

“Thinking sets in motion spiritual forces to create change.”

C.Norman Shealy

“To those who are awakened, it will add more fuel to the already awakened.”

Sister Dr. Jenna

“Listen to the almost silent -whispers of God, who-like a gentle mother-is always eager to embrace us in our brokenness and bring us closer to Her heart.”

Fr. Adam Bucko

“the laughter of God brings fresh insights, potent knowings into our human space and time. We are changed and charged!”

Jean Houston


Alphabet Majescules

calligraphy by Jeanne

from Caroline Myss

We have embraced the idea of self-empowerment, but loved it when it just applied to us in our individual lives. Weaving ourselves back into the whole, and using the empowerment of ourselves collectively and realizing the power we have to co-create is a profound mystical truth. It’s not a small time mental acuity we use to get stuff – it’s not an ego-driven concept.

When we look at what’s happening, one way to approach it is through that truth that these predicaments, these crises we are in are somehow going to require all of us to navigate through, one way or another. Everything that is facing us requires all of us to transform within us. To see the world differently, to approach the world differently, individually within our lives, within ourselves, as an incredible act of personal and thus global transformation. This is what we’re going through.

It is a challenge – make no mistake about it. Especially as we see the world on fire – whether it’s on the streets or in the forests. Everything is engaging with that one message – we cannot not see it. We cannot avoid the messages around us any more that we are intimately connected to everyone, that we are each other’s caretakers.



The Fifth Mystical Law

Caroline Myss

Maintaining Spiritual Congruence

Whether you strike out on the path of consciousness in order to heal yourself or to engage more profoundly in matters of the spirit, one way of describing your goal is to say that you want to become a congruent human being. Congruency can take many forms, but in essence you are congruent when your beliefs match up with your everyday actions and your spiritual practice.

Say what you believe and believe what you say;

act on your belief and follow through on guidance that comes from inner reflection.

In this way, body, mind, and soul finally come into an alignment that allows for the harmony of the graces to flow through you as naturally as your breath.

You maintain congruence by honoring the spiritual truths that you have consciously made a part of your interior life.
Truth is its own monitoring device;

that is, you can never lie to yourself about compromising a truth.

Your biology itself will show signs of the stress when you become incongruent with a truth. Part of us realizes that acknowledgment of a belief – whether private or public – stands as an official commitment to it, if only before our own conscience.

A consciousness left in a fog is incapable of creating any clear path in life, much less of healing anything. There is nothing easy about living a conscious life, but it’s even more treacherous to live an unconscious one.
Simply being as conscious as you can be at each moment is a full-time job, because becoming a conscious person is all about realizing the full potential of the power of choice.

Of all the choices that you can make, none is as empowering as the decision to live in a spiritually congruent way.
What you can do:
Practice spiritual congruence by living these truths:
* You should say only what you believe and believe what you say.
* Power originates behind your eyes, not in front of your eyes. Once power becomes visible, it evaporates. True power is invisible.
* Thought precedes the creation of matter. Therefore, your thoughts are instruments of creation as much as your words, deeds, and finances. Become conscious about the quality of your thoughts, because each one sets patterns of cause and effect into motion. Every thought is a tool. Every thought is a prayer.
* Judgement anchors you to the person or thing you judge, making you its servant. Judge others too harshly and you become their prisoner.

destiny vs fate


If there was ever a time to talk about fate and destiny it’s now. Transformation always goes with choice. And choice puts a person at a crossroads between their fate and destiny which are two profound mystical elements in life. Fate is when you relinquish your power of choice to the circumstances around you. When you give up. Destiny is when in that moment you write the end of your story. Destiny always leads you to a path you did not anticipate. It always leads you into the world your soul takes charge of.

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss



call of our leaders:



changing the energy of the pandemic



Caroline Myss


You talk to yourself more than anyone else. The words you use impact every part of yourself.

How you speak to yourself results in you creating, and recreating a reality.

Every word we use packs a creative punch.

I want to give you a word. We go from mental language – what I realized is that we need holy language.

Mental language doesn’t have any voltage.

Holy language is where we want to be. Holy language is the language of the soul. It has grace to it. It has potency.

It’s UNreasonable.

It carries light.

It carries that quality of potency.

That moves within us in a life giving way.

It’s the language of inner transformation. So, I’m going to give you a word today that is pure grace.

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