The Elders: Jeanne @ 73 Bugs @ 17

The Elders:
Jeanne @ 73
Bugs @ 17

Bugs and I are e-people.
We’re in touch with all of you
through the blips of iPhone cameras, texts,
reverberating in auto, kitchen,
from Waltham MA to the “Litz, NY.
Then the next day,
they bleep in CT MA NY to infinity!!!!
The 17 year old granny cat and Nana Poet


My struggle is to use the life in order to transcend it, to convert it into legend. Stanley Kunitz

Lady Marion courtesies
Her hand-me-downs
This fine day arrived.

Apparel takes a bow
For camera
And Grandma:

Author of colors
Fabrics, patterns
Costumes of the world.


The pages open
The glance
Submits to legend.

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