my essentials


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


my essentials:


nutrition, rest, exercise, writing and illustration…


laundry, kitchen counters, shopping, doctor’s appointments…


turn calendar pages, clean refrigerator, replace batteries, garbage bags, maintain car…


taxes, health plans, end of life issues…


smiles, assistance, faith, pain, joy, vigor, vibration, energy…

Puzzles in the Sun

Double Selfie in the Sun April 26, 2014

Double Selfie in the Sun
April 26, 2014

Bob's calendar on  made into a puzzle

Bob’s calendar on
made into a puzzle

Of course we’re squinting; we’re sun bathing in E.Providence.

In the shade, we mouse puzzles together on Jigzone. Take any jpg and hone your memory skills with Bob. He patiently plays with our technology as we play and picnic outside the rehab center. We stirred everyone’s interest outside at our picnic.
Mimic away. No copyrights on this experience.

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