E-Waves: Blue Tooth, Silver Tooth, Gold Tooth, Byte


Blue Tooth, silver tooth, gold tooth, byte,

voices, music, calendar, phone,

GPS, map-app, bleeps, and speakers,

call and send in crowd-alone!


Poet Laureate

If you want to read the 10 rules for Poets, please enjoy :

Not a bit;
But a byte
Snappy tight!

Jeanne Poland


Cultured Apples

Cultured Apples

Apples schooled in culture:
Pruned and grafted, daft and crafted
‘Til they gleam with dapple brilliance
Dipped and mashed and sliced and diced!

Pruned and grafted, daft and crafted:
Works of art for Macintosh
Symbols of a juicy bite, a byte’s delight!

“Til they gleam with dappled brilliance
Like your cheeks reflective glow
When you smile a mile wide… slow

Dipped and mashed and sliced and diced
A treat served cold or spiced ’til hot
With cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg dot!

All rights



First I lost a thousand links
Deleted my whole in-box.
Floated up to the top of a vast ocean.

Then Facebook came to surround me
With life preservers,
In the shape of graphics
Of Steve Jobs.

Spectacular memorials
Urging me to love
One byte at a time.

“Change the world”
He smiles.
“Stay foolish! Stay hungry!
No one can replace you.”

“Push the human race forward.”
Hold your MacBook on your heart
And sing a song of visions,
Piercing truths discovered,
Imaginings made flesh!

I floated safely home
To write this poem,
With Steve Jobs at my side
Part of my history.
His Macs, my tools for life.

Join me on these blogs
To comment and to find
The soothing lullabies
That bring you back to rest
Within a thousand links.

by Jeanne Poland

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