Recipe for Peace

John on Love

Italic Calligraphy of    John 14; 15-26    by Jeanne

Jeanne’s Gesture Cartoons #1


quicksilver cartoon#1 by Jeanne


in or out

of costume


moves quicker!



cartoon by Jeanne of Jeanne for Jeanne


finished being super-girl

running marathons

flying man child on my back

through catastrophes


finished being hyper

drained of energy

never safe, never whole,

empty, dark, alone.


finished being “go-to-girl”

“organizing force”

feed ‘m, clothe ‘m, bed ‘m, then

line  ‘m up to bathe.


finished being super-girl

running man-child’s needs!

man-up! grow up! fellow man!

come with love, engage!

Wild Woman


Paint on my iPad by Jeanne


wild colors-fragrant

scents-design sense-liquid paths

free search through the wild

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