Definition # 229 Bug

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee

June 1, 2015 @ 9:57 am
Don’t bug me
Bee bug
Don’t bug me

Don’t bug me
Wasp bug
Don’t bug me

Rather you hug me
Spry guy
Rather you hug me
Than bug me nearby


SMUG meets Annika

When I met Donald Smith in 1988, his younger sister said:
“How can you love him, he’s so smug?”

It pays to be smug
To fill the huge mug
To tug the giant load
To lug it beyond.

To hug a brown bear
Whose mug drinks: Glug!
Swallowing UGH!

Pug in the woods
Bugging the smug
Dug in for good
Plug in the mud.

No-care shrug
Written on jug
Woven in rug
Smug as a slug!!!!!!


My son, three year old granddaughter, and one year old grandson like to construct tinker-toy type bugs when they visit.
My son is grand with rhyme:

The rachety crab pincers pinching away
Comes crawling and biting: big bug;
His cracking loud claws clang and bang
In your ear aiming viciously close to your mug!

He’s not come to hug; he’s a thug from the rug.
Beware child! His bite and his pinch
Escape from this thug; keep your mug far away
Or you’ll end in his slicing tight clinch!

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