Definition #38 Brew


Peek-a boo Brew:

boil glue ‘n goo
soak shoe with rue
ferment spew of ewe
infuse coup with bleu
steep clue with chew
stew pooh, whew, and phew!

All rights 11-11-14
Jeanne Poland


Hummingbird found something new
Upon my deck today.
Feeder joined with Crazy-glue
From squirrel’s mad foray!

Robins, peckers, finches, doves
Suskines, sparrows flew-
Aghast at squirrel’s leaping loves
Of nuts and seeds and brew.

Squirrel flew and danced and jumped
In whirling desperate view-
His wingless leaps left him dumped
In frenzied Crazy-glue!

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