Angels love oxygen…


My Approach & Values
I have a wonderful gift from the God, I communicate with Angels and listen to their voices.
Many wonderful things happen when we have a surplus of oxygen, one being that our angels can travel to us more easily.
It’s been said that the more fresh air we receive when we breathe, the better we can feel the messages of out angel. That is why we feel so good when we are out in nature, walking, sitting, watching and enjoying the outside and all the fresh oxygen. Angels love the fresh air and are more available when we are filled with it. It’s why we feel their presence so readily when we are one with nature.
So, two of the most important things to realize when we want to feel our angels are to RELAX and to BREATHE deeply.

from the blog of Elissa

O Mary, our heavenly Queen, you looked with favor on the pure heart of the child Bernadette. You entrusted your message not to the learned and haughty or to those with wealth and reputation, but to this child of poverty. Whenever I am tempted to inflate myself with pride and self-importance, help me remember humble Bernadette, who, although despised by her neighbors, knew that the Mother of her Lord had befriended her. Let me remember that you are my Mother and my friend as well. I ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.




let go


listen to  tibetan bowl

hum its home song

lilt its rocking swing

soothe its little one.

Definition #26 Feeling Chakras

fear rears its head: yowls

fear rears its head: yowls

sounds, smells stir your musk

fear raises fur, eyes, dander;

fight or flee: breathe. choose.

Pattern #23 Fungus

Photo by Quenby

Photo by Quenby

Extreme weather winks and blows;
Wakes and prods you: darkens, glows!
Breathe in deeply;trust the throes
To morphe you into one who grows!

What to Do When Seatbelted Too Long

Defy the Captain of the plane;
Add your own extender.

Go to the head

Scream for HELP!
Everyone else feels claustrophobic!
Harmonize the tantrum.

Try walking up the wall,
back of the seat,
to music.
Yoga release.

Pass the shrimp ring around;
They’re all sick of peanuts and pretzels
Especially after four hours of turbulence
and an ORDER not to move around the cabin.

Try conversation
with someone new;
Someone who broke her spine when tossed into the ceiling of the plane
and ruptured four discs.

Then breathe deeply.
Reach down for grounding at 10,000 feet.

Clap loudly
when you land safely
Alitalia style!!!!!

How To Be A Poet

How To be A Poet

Sit under a rainbow.
Inhale the colors.
Hear the music.
Breathe deeply.
Exhale a stanza.
Let the wind take it
Let go.

All rights.
Easter 4/2012

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