Father Boneventure


Father Bonaventure aka John Poland 1961

Pierce my soul with your love, calm and charity.

Let my soul long for you and your home.

Let my soul be dissolved in you, hunger for you.

Bread of Angels, refresh me with holiness, super sustenance, sweet bread.

Let me feed on you, angelic host, fountain of life, wisdom and knowledge, torrent of pleasure, fullness of the house of God.

Let my soul compass you, find you, run to you, meditate on you,

do all for the praise and glory of your name, with humility and discretion, love, delight and perseverance.

Be my confidence, riches, delight, joy, rest, wisdom, portion, passion and treasure.

Fix my mind and heart immovably, Amen.


To see the original prayer by St Bonaventure, go to:

Bread of Angels, refresh me!

Grass inherited

Grace through the generations

“I am His Father and He is my Son…Let all the angels of God worship Him…Angels swift as the wind; servants made of flaming fire.” (Hebrews 1:5)

From God, to Mother to Son
The Spirit Messengers fly;
Flaming fire to cleanse,
Protect the chosen from high

The Spirit Messengers fly;
Swift as the wind
To those who sinned.

Flaming fire to cleanse,
Refresh with grace
Face to face!

Protect the chosen from high
The Father ministers
To earth’s youngsters.

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