Bob is 90 years old!

Definition #310 “100 New York Calligraphers”

100 New York Calligraphers by Cynthia Dantzic

100 New York Calligraphers
by Cynthia Dantzic

On Sept 6th, 2015

at the Big Eye Gallery

in S Westerlo, NY,

(518) 966-5833


there will be a book signing and

Opening of Cynthia Dantzic’s newest book:

100 New York Calligraphers.

(Bob Boyajian and Jeanne Poland are among those featured inside)


Encompassing a wide range of calligraphy in many languages and hands, or styles, this book presents a visual treasury of works by 100 contemporary scribes, all of whom were either born in New York or studied or worked in the city. From English and its related Romance languages to a wide range of Asian and Middle Eastern alphabets and nonalphabetic characters, the more than 550 examples of beautiful writing create a rich visual smorgasbord. Traditional uses of hand-lettered calligraphy are shown, including event invitations and envelopes, certificates and awards, and quotes and sayings framed as artwork. The examples also include contemporary applications and nontraditional forms such as graffiti and experimental calligraphy that is not formed from readable characters. All are hand-wrought and human-made, using pointed or broad-edged pens, whether quill or steel, or a brush or other simple tool.

Size: 9″ x 12″ | 629 color images | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764348983 | Binding: hard cover

Definition #81 Visit

Calligraphy by Bob Boyajian and Jeanne Poland in tandem

Calligraphy: Bob Boyajian and Jeanne Poland in tandem

flourished strokes by folks:

soul-mates hearing grace’s chants

dancing lover’s steps

Definition # 59 Alzheimer’s Art

Last week we played with calligraphy markers at the Alzheimer Unit.

The rhythm with the chisels is still there.

The right brain persists.

Still, the “talent” rings

created by Bob Boyajian

created by Bob Boyajian

chiseled markers dance

to radio tunes that swirl:

leaping landscapes laugh!

Bob Boyajian on February 26, 2014

Your link to see Bob's Work as posted by John Stevens

Your link to see Bob’s Work
as posted by John Stevens

see you: tubes to meds: life-lines
to breathe breaths, blink eyes.

I blink back tears: blur
the lines of faith, hope, love:
cling to spirits’ breath.

Love’s Chemistry

Bob Boyajian in the Newport Art Museum

Bob Boyajian in the Newport Art Museum

Awakening burst
of color, form, style, flourish,
dance of lettering!

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