Bob Boy


Bob-boy after his dental appointment and lunch at Gregoff’s


when we feel significant

our loved ones give us great appetite

lucidity and grace

even with a walker,

smiling hello!


and then it’s time to say good Night!

Bob Boy: Listen to Your Heart

waiting for us was painful:
dressing in your best
hosting the visitors.

in the small space
minutes drag
sap your strength

your heart beat is frail
but your soul is universal
God lifts you to His immensity

We saw David Gatti’s work,
calligraphic greetings,
designs shared

artfully displayed
affectionate galleries
laundry done by family

Next we want a picnic
outdoors; menu your choice
calligraphy decorations

the drive will be swift now
we know the way
to kiss hello, goodbye

to listen to your heart
grateful to know your immensity
your soul’s connections


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