E-Waves: Blue Tooth, Silver Tooth, Gold Tooth, Byte


Blue Tooth, silver tooth, gold tooth, byte,

voices, music, calendar, phone,

GPS, map-app, bleeps, and speakers,

call and send in crowd-alone!



The Elders: Jeanne @ 73 Bugs @ 17

The Elders:
Jeanne @ 73
Bugs @ 17

Bugs and I are e-people.
We’re in touch with all of you
through the blips of iPhone cameras, texts,
reverberating in auto, kitchen,
from Waltham MA to the “Litz, NY.
Then the next day,
they bleep in CT MA NY to infinity!!!!
The 17 year old granny cat and Nana Poet

Pattern #27 Wireless

Michael Photo by Quenby

Photo by Quenby

Blue Tooth, Keyboard, Mouse,
Network, Portal, Signal, Range,
GPS blink-blinks!

You might like “Progress” by Julie Cadwallader-Staub
I did not just drag and drop.
I did not just haul a burden so heavy
that my hands, arms, and shoulders
gave way
and I had to let it go.

Neither did I just browse.
I did not get on my hands and knees
and join the gentle cows
to slowly sample
whatever the open field had to offer.

Instead, I sat here at my desk
manipulating a mouse
which is not, in fact, a mouse
and I searched
for something on the web
that is not, in fact, a web.

And isn’t this how we move forward:

with horsepower for jet engines
and candlepower for light bulbs
we take what we understand from one era
to describe
what we don’t
in the next.

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