Hope for God’s Mercy…


Jesus decided to go outside the Israelites, the high priests, the wealthy and the clean to include the poor and blind and deaf in his mercy and salvation. He pours forth a gift of faith and watches to see if the called will serve with and show faith and good works! Even the poor will be welcome at the table of love and bread. They will open up and extend themselves to the needy. Include the needy in their boundaries, as Christ did.
James 2:1-10, 11-13, 14-17.


Hidden Pictures

Hidden Pictures Puzzle from Highlights


While on vacation for a week

I forgot where my car fob was in my luggage

and conducted endless searches-

involved everyone

-got anxious-


today when home

in my space

found the key

in the smallest pocket

of the brightest bag

which remained hidden every day

I was away.


I was not robbed

I was blind

couldn’t find

“the hidden picture.”


Got my son and daughter

to join me

in hide and seek

tongue in cheek

forget me not


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